On February 19, 2020, Pop Smoke was in a Hollywood Hills, California, home when he was ambushed by a gang of armed intruders. Turns out it was a violent home invasion, and the crooks purportedly targeted the rapper, per TMZ. After gaining access to the house, the armed men opened fire and Pop Smoke was tragically shot and killed.

What made the story of his death all the more sad was how the rapper was killed. In the earlier hours of the day, Pop Smoke apparently posted a gift he received from the fashion brand, Amiri. Unfortunately, his show of proof also included the address of his exact location in California. The rapper was unknowingly and unaware that he had just shared his whereabouts to millions of people who follow his social media. In addition to that, a friend of Pop Smoke also shared an image that day that showed part of the house’s address (via Vulture). In just a few hours after the posts, Pop Smoke was dead. The brief slip up cost the rapper his life.

Nearly a year after his death, police arrested five people in connection to Pop Smoke’s murder — two of whom were just teens, per The New York Times. Then more details came out about the rapper’s final moments before he was murdered.

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