Readers enjoy Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and after reading A Court of Silver Flames, they began to wonder about Azriel. Will he eventually end up with Elain? After finishing the book, this question began to consume readers’ minds.

Elain and Azriel first met in A Court of Mist and Fury during a heated dinner with their respective siblings. Elain was a human at the time and was terrified of being in the same room with a fae, but Azriel’s presence was not as intimidating as others. Azriel and Elain both attempted to be civil at the dinner, and also tried to make polite conversation.

Azriel and Elain

During A Court of Wings and Ruin, fans got to see them getting into a friendship bond. Azriel was by Elain’s side when she was recovering from being made into a high fae. While rescuing Elain from Hybern, Azriel put his life in danger and was badly injured. Azriel wouldn’t let go of Elain and held her gently yet protectively to his chest. When Rhysand separated them, Elain kissed his cheek to show her gratitude.

In Sarah J. Maas’s book, A Court of Frost and Starlight, Azriel has a headache due to his friends; Elain gives him powder which helps him to treat his headache. Even though Azriel laughed at her but still thanked her and would use to stare at it while trying to sleep, he also called the gift invaluable. The couple also spent some time together during Solstice evening.

This is till A Court of Silver Flames. A little preview about Azriel and Elain, especially for those who are not quite familiar with them. Now, let’s take a look at them in A Court of Silver Flames.

Azriel and Elain in A Court of Silver Flames

Earlier in the article, we read about how Azriel and Elain met and also about some of their cute moments. Let’s read what happened further between them.

In A Court of Silver Flames, Azriel gets the scent of the mating bond that happened between Elain and Lucien in the early chapters of the book, and because of this, he decides to stand away during Solstice. Elain was secretively trying to place his gift with other presents; later that night, while doing so, she was caught by Azriel.

The gift was pretty simple but meaningful. She gifted him a pair of earplugs so that he could sleep peacefully at night and couldn’t be disturbed by Nesta and Cassian’s activities. After hearing the reason, Azriel couldn’t control himself and started laughing.

After receiving his gift, he gifted her a beautiful glass rose charm necklace. The couple almost had their first kiss when she asked him to put it around her neck, but it was interpreted by a furious-looking Rhys. Azriel said that that kiss was a mistake which obviously left Elain hurt but also confused.

She started thinking that she had misread him and apologized to him. Azriel told her that she should never apologize to him and went to look for Rhys in his office. In the office, Rhys inquired about Azriel and asked about his kiss with Elain.

Azriel and Elain

Azriel kept a stone face throughout his conversation with Rhysand and ignored his question. He also expressed his thoughts and said that he thinks that Cauldron had made a mistake, and also he believes that Elain is meant for him.

In response, Rhys told Azriel to keep a distance from Elain and also to stop pursuing her. He forbade him to pursue her in fear of the consequences they would have to face if Lucian, Elain’s mate, decided for a Blood Duel.

However, Azriel stood by his side of the argument and said that she didn’t want Lucian and also said that Lucian could be easily defeated if he declared a Blood Duel between them. Azriel’s statement did nothing but add fuel to his anger; he used his position as High Lord and forbade him to pursue her and also threatened him by saying that if he did, then he would regret it.

After a heated conversation between Azriel and Rhys, Azriel stalked out of his office, and when he returned to the River House to acquire his Solstice gifts, he saw Elain’s gift, which he gifted to her near his presents. He saw his rose necklace, which he gifted to Elain after she gifted him a simple yet special gift, a pair of earplugs with the rest of his presents.

Azriel and Elain

A Court of Silver Flames was the last installment of the series, which was published on February 16, 2 021. There’s no sixth installment in this book series. At the end of this particular book, Azriel and Elain’s relationship also comes to an for now. Lovers of this particular series and this couple are waiting for the next installment so that they can see what happened further between Azriel and Elain.

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