Who Is Klatschhh On TikTok? Dearjane Parody Videos and Viral Skits - Age: How Old Is She?

Who Is Klatschhh On TikTok? Klatschhh is a TikTok star who is making waves after her TikTok rumor video about Teyana Taylor went viral. Klatschhh is a female TikTok star who is taking TikTok by storm for her parody videos and viral skits.

TikTok is a popular social media software that lets users to watch, record, and share 15-second films via their cellphones.

Dearjane (@klatschhh) TikTok | Watch Dearjane's Newest TikTok Videos

Due to its personalized feeds of amusing short clips set to sound and music effects, the app is noted for its high levels of engagement and addictive attraction.

Filters, background music, and stickers can be used by both amateur and professional filmmakers to improve their work. They can even work on content together and create split-screen duet videos from different locations.


Who Is Klatschhh On TikTok? Dearjane Parody Videos and Viral Skits

Klatschhh is a female TikTok star who posts parody videos, viral skits, and videos about celebrity’s rumors exposing them. However, the rumors videos she posts are unconfirmed stories and may or may not have an element of truth to them.

She has amassed a whopping 417.6k followers and over 13.2 million likes and has taken TikTok by storm. She regularly makes parody videos and celebrity rumors videos and posts them on TikTok.


@klatschhh “Yachting” really is a thing 😐 I wanna know how to audition tho 😀 Collab w @jamescalixtetv #storytime #story #tea #celeb ♬ Clique Chic – Orchestra Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists


After Klatschhh implied in her recent video that Iman Shumpert was supposedly stalking in an exaggerated reenactment video, a rumor regarding Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s marriage exploded all over the platform.

Klatschhh Age: How Old Is She?

The age of Klatschhh is between 23 to 28 years old. She has not revealed her birth date to the general public.

Klatschhh is a gorgeous woman with blonde hair and green-colored eyes. She stands around 5 ft 6 inches tall and weighs 65 kg.


Her friends and family describe her as a hardworking and creative individual that adds to her charming and humble personality.

Klatschhh Real Name

Klatschhh has not disclosed her real name to internet users. However, Dearjane is the name she has on her TikTok bio.

Klatschhh also takes suggestions for the stories from her fans through her Instagram messages. She makes all of her videos where she takes different roles of the stories and portrays the video in a comedy way.


@klatschhh How we feeling about this? Not sure if a red carpet is that much of stress for an animal like that but ok .. #storytime #story #tea #celeb ♬ Wiggin’ out – Orchestra Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

She takes hints from anonymous users and tries to expose the celebrity rumors through her creative and parody TikTok videos.

Find Klatschhh videos onTwitter

Kaltschhh viral parody videos and viral skits can also be found on Twitter. However, she does not have a Twitter account.

However, her TikTok is available under the handle @klatschhh.

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