Before the Clintons moved into the Arkansas governor’s mansion, and later the People’s House, they had expanded their family. On February 27, 1980, the Clintons welcomed their daughter and only child into the world. Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born in Little Rock, and apparently was named after the song “Chelsea Morning,” per Biography. With two parents at the height of their careers, Chelsea was destined to also follow their paths of success. With the support of the Clintons, Chelsea proved to be a very intelligent child and even skipped a grade in elementary school.

At 12 years old, she became first kid when her father was sworn in as president in 1993. She also became the first child to live in the White House since President Carter’s daughter, Amy (via Clinton White House archives). In the previous administrations, Reagan and Bush’s children were all adults and didn’t live at the White House.

She attended Stanford University, and like her dad, also attended Oxford University. (via Deseret News). Her jobs have included everything from working in investment, an NBC correspondent, and a writer. In 2010, she wed her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

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