TORIES still want Boris Johnson to stay as PM rather than hand the reins to Rishi or Liz, a fresh poll reveals.

Head-to-head research shows grumpy Tory card-carriers are still cross at the plot to oust him from power and wish he could stay in post, just weeks before he officially quits Downing Street.


63 per cent said they would prefer the outgoing PM to Liz Truss, the frontrunner[/caption]

Opinium found that almost two thirds (63 per cent) would prefer Mr Johnson to stay in No10, and 32 per cent would prefer Ms Truss to take over.

And 68 per cent said they would prefer the outgoing PM compared to just 19 per cent who wanted ex-Chancellor Mr Sunak to step in.

However, the public would prefer to see a new PM step in.

When members are asked who they prefer, Ms Truss has a whopping 22 point lead over Rishi – with 61 per cent of the vote compared to his 39 per cent.



Truss given huge boost in PM race as eight in ten grassroots Tories cast vote


I’ll get us through energy crisis like I did Covid, says PM hopeful Rishi

Tories reckon she is more honest and trustworthy, but Sunak supporters back him to run the economy.

Chris Curtis, head of political polling at Opinium, said: “It’s clear that Sunak’s biggest problem is trust.

“While some members respect his economic arguments, this hasn’t been enough to overcome the view among members that he isn’t honest or trustworthy enough for the top job, particularly after he called for Johnson to go.”

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