15 Best Lead Generation Software (Features and Cost)

A look at “15 Best Lead Generation Software” Are you looking for the best lead generation software to grow your business?

Lead generation is more than driving traffic to your website in the first place. It’s also about getting their details so you can drive personalized marketing and convert site visitors into paying customers.

And just like any other business, it takes the right tools to generate leads.

best lead generation software

The truth is that lead generation can be a difficult task for most marketers. As it goes beyond the number of leads being generated.

In fact, 73 percent of B2B companies say that they focus more on lead quality than lead quantity.

But, to be able to scale lead generation, you must invest in automated lead generation software. Survey has shown that 79 percent of top-performing brands are already maximizing marketing automation.

So, you’re about to discover the top lead generation software that made our jaw drop –– hopefully they make yours drop too.

And, we don’t joke with these lists of lead generation software…

What Exactly is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is any and every activity that is done with the aim of acquiring quality and potential customers for any business services or products.

However, lead generation is no guarantee that your customers will buy what you are offering.

But lead generation in a nutshell brings the hope of nurturing every potential customer into a process that will further convince them to patronize your products or services.

lead generation

Who Needs Lead Generation Tools?

Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to be constantly generating leads to remain in business. These tools are for business owners and online marketers.

This is absolutely for you if are looking for:

  • lead generation tools for small businesses
  • free B2B automated lead generation software
  • lead generation software for real estate
  • best lead generation software for LinkedIn
  • free B2C lead generation software
  • lead generation software for an insurance agent
  • best lead generation software for realtors
  • lead generation software for mlm
  • best lead generation software for email
  • lead generation software for Facebook
  • lead generation tools for online marketing

Top 15 Lead Generation Software to Get More Targeted Leads

The following are the 15 best-automated lead generation software. It would be in your best interest to choose from any of them today.

optinmonster lead generation software

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is rumoured to be one of the very best lead generation software.

They have a lot of features that make it easy for any individual or business to convert first-time visitors into quality leads, customers, etc.

With OptinMonster it does not really matter what kind of website you have running up.

OptinMonster is equipped with all the right features that enhance your lead generation.

With OptinMonster you can be sure to create very attractive onsite marketing campaigns. With the addition of over 50 beautiful templates prebuilt to drive a more successful lead generation campaign.

Some of these templates would include the following:

  • Pop Ups: Popups have proven to be very reliable conversion boosters, especially when used properly. With OptinMonster pop-ups, you can create lightbox popups that dim the background/content. This would drag a lot of attention to the popup and could lead to a very large boost in conversion rate.
  • Slide-in forms:  In an attempt to boost lead generation and conversion slide-in forms present themselves as a very professional style. With Optinmonster slide-in you can be sure to drive a lot of leads.
  • Floating Bar: A floating bar is usually sticky and locked onto the bottom or top of a web page. In some cases, a floating bar sticks to the side of the web page/floating bars are also called “hello bars”. However, they are not always preferred to the popups, and this is because a lot of first time visitors refer to floating bars as annoying. But this is very untrue because the floating is first attractive and engaging if used properly. Experts advise the controlled use of floating bars for more effective lead generation.

contant contact lead generation tool

2. Constant Contact

An easy-to-use lead generation software for companies of all sizes – be it B2B or B2C. A lot of features and inbuilt support.

Constant Contact has been used by a majority of online marketers and promoters who seek the best lead generation software for marketing purposes.

The major reason why they choose constant contact regularly is:

  • High Customer support system: These guys are ready to call and speak to you directly just to make sure there is an understanding that will enhance or boost your lead generation strategy. Having been in the business of email marketing since 1995 they have walked their way up the ladder. Constant Contact is worth the trial for lead generation.
  • Unlimited Emails: Constant Contact offers unlimited emails for all their pricing plans. Their prices however start at $20/month and that’s for 0-500 contacts. However, they offer a free 60days trial period with access to more than 60% of all features. For the 60 days, you will have access to customizable templates, sign up tools and a lot of important features to boost your lead generation and drive sales conversions.
  • Detailed Online Training/webinars: They also offer online training and webinars for their users. They help to answer any questions and also help the user master the lead generation tool.

Hunter lead generation tool

3. Hunter

As the name suggests, the Hunter is one of the best lead generation tools out there. This is because the Hunter is software designed to perform quick email searches.

This is very helpful if you would be interested in generating leads from a website you found online. With the Hunter, you can just type in the domain name and it will find the email address patterns for your to follow through.

A very similar tool is the sky email extractor.

With Hunter, it is very possible to make up to 50 requests for free and after that the price increases. However, Hunter’s starter plan is priced at $49/month and their Enterprise plan is priced at $399/month with better options/features to navigate.


4. WP Forms

Over 3 million website owners use WP Forms drag and drop builder to create forms that are compatible with their WordPress sites, easy to integrate and customize.

WP Forms is a very popular lead generation software in the business world. WP Forms by default comes with over 100 templates that are pre-built.

With all the templates inbuilt within the WP Forms software you can be sure of the following:

  • Increase in sales: With WP Forms you can collect payments with popular payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, etc. And all these can be generated with WP Forms.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Get in sync with services like Mailchimp, Mautic, etc. To work out marketing campaigns straight up from WP Forms. All form entries can be sent to these services that further enhance lead generation.
  • Feedbacks: With this lead generation software you can be sure to create polls and surveys to relate with your customers, getting their opinions and views on certain matters related to your products or service.

Voila Norbert

5. Voila Norbert

This is one of the very best email outreach tools that allow the generation of leads. Unlike most of the email outreach tools that engage lead generation, Voila Norbert goes the extra mile to verify email addresses as well.

Thereby enriching your contacts so that all mails are sent to relevant persons at the right time.

However, they have priced at $39 for their valet option. $79 For their Butler option.

Their biggest plan goes for $399, tagged “Counsellor”.


6. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is no doubt one of the best lead generation software for B2B and B2C. This is because ClickFunnels is a cloud-based lead generation platform.

And it permits all businesses in several fields to automate email processes and social media marketing processes (Facebook) to convert even first-time visitors into potential customers and clients.

Like so many others, ClickFunnels has some inbuilt templates that have proved to be very attractive to several customers. With ClickFunnels you can send targeted messages to follow up with your visitors, customers, clients etc.

ClickFunnels will also permit the sending of desktop notifications to draw visitors back to your website. This makes ClickFunnels one of the most sorts after lead generation tools.

The basic pricing however starts at $97 per month.

Lead Forensic

7. Lead Forensics

This is one of the top lead generation software ever. Best suitable for B2B.

This software would identify all your website visitors, and automatically convert them. Note that Lead Forensics would also identify where they are from, names, and possible job titles and emails that fit your visitors profile.

With Lead Forensics you can also access business details such as business emails, etc. as long as they have visited your websiteIn addition to this, using Lead Forensics would also grant you access to quality insights like how much time was spent on your website and who is likely to convert.

Right Hello

8. Right Hello

No other lead generation platform according to our sources would boast of a vast database of over 5 million companies. Right Hello also has in their database, verified data from over 20 different sources at the moment and counting.

This stands to mean that they offer over 90% of possible high-quality contacts.

Right Hello also permits you to search and navigate through companies and contacts while having over 50 filters at your disposal. They also have 10 different search methods to complement your search requests as well.

However, for such a database at your disposal and all the rich features inclusive you have to request a quotation on their website to get access.


9. Growbots

One of the reasons why Growbots is a trending lead generation software is, they allow you access to a database of 200 million + contacts to choose prospects from.

With Growbots it has become easier to get in touch with the right persons while increasing follow-ups automatically.

With Growbot you can be sure to hit the decision-makers directly, getting their social media profiles, direct email addresses and phone numbers in minutes.


10. Aeroleads

Can you imagine how resourceful it would be to have software for efficient lead generation? A software that would integrate a search to popular platforms like LinkedIn, Angelist and other relevant networks.

Software that will find all business email addresses and other contact details. That tool is Aeroleads.

Aeroleads is one of the best lead generation software for easy integration. It is a very reliable prospecting software. However, Aeroleads generates leads by providing a google chrome extension that implements all the searches.

How To Use Aeroleads

  • The very first step is to sign up
  • The next step is to enter your business mail address and other relevant details
  • The next step would be to install the plugin or extension
  • The next step would be to navigate to your default prospect page and verify your account.
  • To begin your lead generation and/or prospecting, go to the platforms you wish to generate leads from and click on the Aeroleads icon just beside your address bar. Add all relevant profiles
  • After this, you can check your leads on your prospect page.


11. Prospect.io

A lead generation software that handles not only prospecting of leads but also outreach. Prospect.io is very reliable, and thus one of the best lead generation tools.

With Prospect.io you can find verified emails to engage and after they find them, you can be sure to reach out to them with very attractive templates offered.

Hubspot CRM

12. HubSpot CRM

A lot of free plans are available on HubSpot.

As one of the best lead generation platforms, HubSpot CRM has a lot of great features that organize a very beneficial way to track, nurture, and organize leads.

With HubSpot CRM you can be sure to keep your team updated on what your customers could be saying while being updated yourself on the marketing and sales hubs available on the platform.


13. Lead Quizzes

This is a very professional lead generation tool to use that permits you to generate leads through quizzes and surveys.

Lead quizzes also let you capture these leads, through different types of surveys or quizzes you choose.

You can go further to promote lead quizzes through website popups or on their personal hosted URL. Lead Quizzes is one of the best lead generation platforms, supporting integrations with other beneficial tools.

Some of these tools qualify in the email marketing category, CRM category and advertising category.


14. Callingly

Callingly is yet another very important lead generation software to not miss out. This is because Callingly has a lot of features that generate leads by having your website visitors fill in the contact us forms.

And Callingly as software would then connect your present sales team to your leads immediately via a call.

With Callingly you can also schedule calls with your potential leads and Callingly as a software reliable, will alert you at the exact time to connect you.

Another great feature is, Callingly will record and keep all information.


15. Snov.io

This software or tool is very multifunctional. With Snov.io you can do a number of things such as:

  • Collect Emails from any company’s website.
  • Get Emails addresses based on domain name selections and choices
  • Search and find email addresses on google and other platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Verify Email Addresses with the Inbuilt Email Verifier.

Snov.io functions as a google chrome extension, however, it also functions as a web app. 


The above best lead generation software has proven itself in the market of lead generation.

They are worth the tryout today, and we can be sure that visiting their official addresses to know their pricing and more details would only be beneficial to the core.

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