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When you Google the phrase “HOW TO CAN I MAKE MONEY AS A STUDENT IN NIGERIA“, you get over 600,000 results from different websites but never seem to be satisfied with the results right? I know how you feel.

Being a student in Nigeria is frustrating enough but being a broke student is way worse. But I assure, there are more than 101 ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. I outline my best 50 in this guide but if you want to learn how to make more ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

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How To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

Truth be told, there are more than 1,000 easy ways to earn money as a student in Nigeria. But most of these methods are hidden 6ft beneath the ground and very hard to see especially if you are not businesswise.

Nigeria is a country with an amazing population of over 200 million people, speaking over 300 indigenous languages, and a hot tourist destination in Africa. But there is a minor flaw in all this beauty though, poverty.

Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world and one of the worst places to live if you have a big dream. 86.9 million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty which represents nearly 50% of its estimated 200 million residents.

As Nigeria faces a major population boom, it will become the third-largest country in the world by 2050 and this problem is likely to worsen in the next 10 years.

Almost 65% of students in Nigeria can afford a proper meal. It is no wonder that Soaked Garri and groundnut is the most consumed commodity on campus today.

Plus as students, you always have a constant demand for cash for handouts, acceptance fees, dues, textbooks, and most importantly the school fees.

I have compiled a small list containing 50 lucrative ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. This list is a valuable tool and depending on how well you use it, you will get rich even as a student in Nigeria.

In this article, you will be learning the easiest ways to earn money while studying. you’ll even see how to make money online as a student, and how to make money in your university. I will also be sharing the best business ideas for university students in Nigeria.


I did some research and found out that when grouped there are three major ways to make money as a student in Nigeria: making money online as a student, making money as a student with acquired skills, and making money as a student with common means (no special skill required).

Depending on which category you fall into, these are by far the best ways to make money in Nigeria.

1. Make Money From Your Websites

 If you would like to make money online as a student in Nigeria, setting up a blog is one best way to make money online as a student. I make more than ₦100,000 every month from this blog and I can show you how.

Starting a website with Bluehost takes less than 20 minutes, you can even start a blog for free on I assure you this business is one of the best passive income ideas for students.

It only takes a bit of awareness, backlinks, and viral social media posts to get your first 1,000 visitors. Once you’ve attained this feat, you can monetize your blog with any affiliate program of your choice and start making money instantly.

2. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve got an amazing fan base on Instagram, a small blog, or a popular Facebook group, you can start bringing getting bank alert if you can sell products on these platforms using any affiliate network of your choice.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. To make money an affiliate, you simply have to sign up for a good affiliate program, check their offers and merchant listings, get your affiliate link, and share them with your friends and family. Whenever someone buys a product via your affiliate link you earn a commission and get paid.

The amazing beauty of affiliate marketing is that they can continue to be a source of income even after a decade as long as people continue to visit your Facebook page, Instagram handle, or blog.

Do you want to make money online as a student in Nigeria? Then your affiliate marketing ought to be your first choice.

3. Freelance Writing

Even as a student, you can get paid to write for online newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other websites. You’d be surprised at how many professional organizations are urgently looking for writers.

As a student, you naturally qualify for this job. There are so many benefits attached to writing for big organizations. I have a friend that reports Nigerian News in Al Jazeera and believe me when I say this, he makes a lot of money.

If you are not privileged enough to write for Al Jazeera or  BBC, there are a lot of websites that you can make money from as a freelance writer. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Hwriters, Freelancer, and Iwriters recruit freelance writers for big business.

You can head to any one you want and start making money as a freelance writer.

4. Start-Up a Youtube Channel

Youtube is another excellent source of money for Nigerian students. Emmanuella and Mark Angel comedy, Twyse, Craze Clown…  are key players in the Nigerian Youtube scene. These guys are making a lot of money by simply uploading funny videos to YouTube.

This is the best alternative to freelance writing. If writing isn’t exactly your strong point, making and selling videos is a great idea. A lot of Nigerian students have also made millions of Naira from a monetize YouTube channel.

5. Selling School Update

To be honest, not a lot of students have been able to benefit from this method, they are not too optimistic about the idea of selling school update. This is an awesome income source for Nigerian students, believe me.

It is more like a micro-niche in freelancing. You freelance on a small scale which is just limited to your campus ground. This business idea involves you selling school news and information to prospect on your Whatsapp or Facebook group.

6. Selling Ebooks

Still, under freelance writing, students that have basic researching and writing experience can easily write their ebooks and sell them to other students on campus. You don’t even need to be a certified author to write a book, you can begin writing ebooks and grow over time.

A lot of students have been able to create and sell e-books and make tons of cash. With the Amazon Kindle store, you can publish and sell your eBook and make money doing nothing at all. Once Amazon has a copy of your book, they will market it for you and pay you whenever you want.

7. Make Online Reviews

There are a lot of people, businesses, and organizations that pay people like you and me to test and review their websites, apps, games, or gadgets. There are new platforms that pay everyday people to explain how they feel about that product.

8. Referral Programs

Referral programs are also an awesome means to make money as a student in Nigeria. This is a new trend in the online world, referring your classmates, course mates, and neighbors to join a program that pays per referral is a great start for students that want to make money online.

9. Customer Care Agent

If you call a customer care agent of any business or telecommunication company in Nigeria, you’d know that the person at the other end of the line is students or graduates because of his/her excellent Grammer and use of the English language. Getting hired to be a customer care agent is a well-paying part-time job for students.

10. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria. There is a time when a business or individual is stretched too thin because of the amount of work he has to process. If the business or individual feels it’s too much, they hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a person contracted by a business or an individual to complete virtually tasks or reports. This task includes sorting mails, replying messages, processing payments… A lot of Nigerian business prefers to use a secretary for this job, but there are tons of European countries looking for experienced virtual assistants to help them out.

11. Handyman

I won’t lie, being a handyman is one of the best ways to make money on Campus. Handyman also called a fixer, handyperson, or handiwork is an American word used to describe a man or a person that does household repairs and installation like fixing a leaking pipe or repairing a broken door.

If you have experience in installing door hinges, fixing leaky sinks, painting, moving heavy stuff… then congratulations, you’re a handyman and you’re probably ready to start making money as a student in Nigeria.

12. Graphic designs

Graphic design isn’t just about making designs and logos using Photoshop, Illustrator, or other graphics programs. It’s a money-making hobby and one I’d love to learn. You can put your graphics skills to work and start earning even as a student in Nigeria.

You can easily design websites, eBook covers, t-shirts, flyers, business cards, wall art, handbill, personalized gifts, banners, and product packaging materials for people on campus.

If you are good at what you do, you can be making more than ₦50,000 every month in your school. This is very well one of the best passive income ideas for Nigerian students.

13. Photography

The Essence of photography in school cannot be fully explained as in this article as a subheading. Photography is an in-demand job for students in the university and even one of the best ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria.

There are many gigs for photographers in Nigerian campuses. Bayo Omoboriowo is 28 years old Nigerian and the official photographer of President Muhammadu Buhari. Amazingly, Bayo studied pure and applied chemistry in school but followed his passion for photography.

Forget that ₦200 per shot. You can charge up to ₦500 for outdoor services and ₦600 for indoor services. Plus during matriculation, convocation, weddings, special events, SUG elections, faculty weeks, proms, beauty Padgents, and even graduation are serves a bonus and special offers for you every year.

You can take up to 600 pictures in less than three hours during matriculation. Now do the maths, ₦ 600 X 500 pictures = ₦ 300,000. Boom, you’re good to go for the whole semester. Photography is one of the best ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

14. Teach Music

If you know how to play any musical instrument like the guitar, drum set, piano, tuba, or trumpet, you’d be surprised to know how many students, parents, children needs your help to learn how to play any of these instruments. If you can play any musical instrument and start a class on it, you can make money without any effort at all.

15. Teach Yoga, Exercise & Fitness

If you have already taken gym classes and you were good, consider teaching what you know to other students that also want to get fit. A lot of students on campus love recreational activities like judo, kung fu, martial arts, skating, and Go-cart racing.

Become a personal trainer and give training sessions to other students on campus. You don’t you’re your own facility, you can use the school gym, basketball court, football field, or even your hostel lawn to start a session with your students.

16. Event staffing

You can consider staffing an event as a caterer, bouncer, security personnel, crowd control, or usher. This is one of my favorite business ideas for Nigerian students because it doesn’t disrupt your studies and gives you the chance to work only on weekends.

17. Become a Music DJ

Have you tried making money as a DJ in school? I’ll tell you that this is an impressive business idea for Nigerian students. Everyone likes good music whether it’s Hip-hop or Afro Beat, Jazz, or blues. Serving good music at events and public gatherings is a sure way to make money in Nigeria.

You can even create and sell your mixtapes to music websites and other interested parties. As a student DJ, you can secure part-time gigs in radio stations, clubs, hotels, TV stations, and bars.

18. Cook/Sell Food

If you can cook and make great tasting meals, selling your cuisines or cooking in an event is a great way to make money fast in Nigeria. Owning an eatery on your campus is one of the easiest ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

19. Become a Dance Teacher

In 2012, Amarachi Uyanne is a popular Nigerian dancer  and a performing artist rose to fame after winning the 2012 Nigeria Got Talent Show sponsored by Airtel Nigeria. She won ₦10,000,000 in the competition, becoming the youngest millionaire in Nigeria at the age of 8.

Dancing is no longer a hobby, it is now an occupation.  Teaching cool dance moves is a cool way to make money as a student in Nigeria.  You can make up to ₦30,000 per month for each session plus you don’t need to but fancy gadget before you can start your academy.

20. Tutorials

Tutoring students is an awesome way to gain extra cash in school. Which this idea, you can make money while studying and help your fellow students understand complex subjects like Chemistry, Foreign Language, Math…

Any subject or topic you know can be taught to anyone who can afford your services. You should place banners around the school premises to alert people of your services, prices, and venue. This way, you can reach more customers and make more money. up classes.

21. Programming

Apart from the fact that the richest men are programmers, computer programs have been able to bring about modernization and development in most societies. If programming takes time, you can consider reprogramming.

A programmer gets paid for building personal websites, develop games, build trendy applications, participate in programming contests… Although it takes months of practice to perfect, you can still make money from this skill even s a student.

22. Be a Driver for Hire

If you have a car and you are comfortable using it as a taxi, driving for Uber, your school, or using it for public transport is another unique way to make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria. Uber drivers make up to $35/hr right here in Nigeria.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money as a student on Campus.

23. Become a Lab Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistants prepare and in some cases process samples in a laboratory. This job is limited to medical students and aspirants but if you are lucky to be among these sets of people, you are sure to make a lot of money.

Laboratory technologists are charged with the duty of collecting samples, specimens, preparing them for analysis, and running routine lab tests.

They also utilize pre-analytical systems for biomedical scientists and process biochemical tests requested on the sample.  If you can properly manage your school lab, you will be paid handsomely for it.

24. Perform in Music Gigs

When it comes to gigs and concerts, music is the first event that pops up. Currently, music and songwriting is top choice money-making idea for most Nigerian youths. You can just look for a good record label to promote your work and you are all set to go.

Your campus is the best place to start your musical journey because they are usually intercampus events, festivals, bonfires, and even TDB concerts. You can get paid to perform for a large crowd. With this massive fanbase, you can make yourself famous before you graduate.

25. Partaking In School Politics

This is another ideal way to make money in school. There’s a lot of money in every political seat on campus from the SUG offices to, faculty president, departmental president, course representatives, PRO, and treasurers. 

Are you still looking for how to make money as a student in Nigeria? Well, one of the easiest ways is to run for an office in your school. If you still want to make a lot of money on campus, then trying securing a political office and being an awesome leader.

26. Invest

To make money, you must invest money even if you are a student. You don’t have to be a graduate before you start investing. Most successful people were investing money in several industries before they set their feet on campus.

Invest the little you have and more will come even without you actively working for it. The best ways to invest your money as a student include: opening a Brokerage Account for Stock Investments, Day Trading, buying low-involvement, bond Investments, trading cryptocurrencies, and trading on the Forex market.

27. Modeling

Are you photogenic? Can you take a picture wearing a specific style of clothing or accessory for a designer? Can you influence people’s decisions or take action?  If yes, then congratulations you’re a professional model.

All companies and brands usually look for specific attributes like eye color, complexion, hair, height, or even weight. If you can possess any of the attributes the company is looking for, then you’ll be rolling in gold in no time.

As a model, you may pose as a subject for artistic expression, fashion shows, private showings, business photoshoots, and most importantly for advertising purposes. Do you want to make tons of money as a student? Then become a model. It doesn’t require much work and can be done by anybody, even you.

You should see our post on the best modeling agencies in Nigeria if you would like to know more.

28. Auditions

BB Naija Auditions are some of the biggest in Nigeria. Not every one that auditions for a program leave empty-handed. Many secret talents and potential are seen by powerful influencers and invested on.  Going for auditions is one of the best ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

If you have any talent at all, showcase it to people at a movie, music video, dance-off, wedding, even in your street if you have to. You’ll be surprised at how much you can make in your first month. You should also try auditioning for Nigeria to get talent or something like that.

29. Haircut services

For most male students, you’ll be their hero. Most guys love a good haircut but professionals who can make this dream come true are somewhat scarce. If you can give your client a good haircut, then offering great haircut services is an awesome way to make money as a student in Nigeria.

If you don’t know how to barb hair, go through our post on the best haircuts for baby boys, you’ll learn one or two things from that post, I assure you.

30. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is an awesome job that a student can do to make money in Nigeria. If you have makeup skills and can make cute hairstyles for girls, this job will fetch you a lot of money in school without ruining your study time.

Besides, the average Nigerian girl spends over ₦4,000 per month on hairdressing and it’s related products.  If you have mad hair skills, you only have to put in a couple of hours on a Saturday and then sleep on cash.

31. Tailoring

No matter how modernized we try to look, a lot of students still prefer the good old Ankara outfits and designs because it’s catchy, elegant, and culturally rich. You can still make a lot of money as a student tailor in Nigeria.

In case you don’t know, tailors charged over ₦6,000 to make a ladies gown and ₦2,000 for male outfits. If you have mad and crazy design skills in your head, you should consider being a student tailor. It takes time to learn and perfect but once you do, you’ll be making a lot of money from this business.

32. Consultant

Interior designs, parent, in-house, marriage, agriculture, insurance, video gaming, betting, and even blogging consultation are awesome money making ideas that you can use to make money while studying in school.

If you have any skills at all that you’re skilled in, you can monetize that skill and share it with other people in the form of advice and consultation. Giving your ideas, insights, and advice for a price or premium is another passive income idea that most Nigerian students do not know of.

If you are already a consultant and you’re finding it hard to get customers, you should advertise yourself on platforms like LinkedIn, Pin Interest, Facebook, and most importantly Instagram. Selling your time with people in your office or an online meeting is a great way to make money as a student with little startup capital.

33. Scholarships

Believe it or not, scholarships are some of the best ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. You essentially get paid for defending what you already know.  A scholarship is a grant, payment, or financial support for students awarded based on academic excellence and other achievements.

This excellent allows you to make money as a student without any stress at all. You essentially get paid for defending what you already know.  You get paid for being a good student. If you play your cards right, you can bag a massive $300,000 scholarship.

34. Become a Retailer/Wholesaler

Although it requires massive startup capital, starting your store is another exciting way to start making money in school. If you doubt me, read about Aliko Dangote, he started his own business in primary school.

If you’re not much of a chef, you can sell foodstuffs and provisions in your own hostel and lodge. It is not a must that you rent a shop, you can store your merchandise in your room and people can come to your room to buy whatever they need.

 This is one of the most profitable businesses for students living in the school hostels. Because school hostels are some of the most monopolistic markets in Nigeria, it is highly privatized and free from foreign competitions.

Selling noodles, Milo, Cowbell, sugar, peanuts, snacks, etc is your dorm room is not such a bad idea right? Start your own store in your room, hang flyers and banners advertising your wares, and make money from your room.

35. Rent Your Space

Whether you’re offering a bed space or a spare bedroom, renting out your spare rooms to other people can also fetch you a lot of money in school. No matter how big or small the room looks, there’s always someone willing to pay for it.

36. Sell Your Textbooks

Selling your old books is another amazingly easy way to make money in school. I’ve sold a lot of my old books to other students at a doubled price because they were neat and well kept. Even when I sell my books for half the price, it means that I need the cash urgently but still make money anyways.

In essence, selling books is not such a bad idea if you plan to make money as a Nigerian student. Selling your used textbooks to other students on campus, your school, your local bookstore also it’s benefits.

37. Sell Old Stuff

There are a lot of people willing to pay money for your old goods and junk. In the United States of America, there are pawn shops that you can go to trade your junk for cash. But in Nigeria, you’ve got to get your hand dirty, you can sell your old stuff to a friend, roommate, neighbor, or even your relatives.

There are also sites to ease you of these burdens, sites like OLX, Jiji, Jumia, Konga, and even Nairaland allows you to sell anything online.

38. Become a Housing Agent

If you stay outside campus, you’d understand that clean water, security, conducive environment for learning, available transport services and a sense of peace and order mean everything to some students.

You’d be surprised how much some people are willing to pay for the “best” lodge. If you know your way around your school, you can contact the landlords of these buildings and become their agents or even caretaker. This way, you can make money from doing absolutely nothing.

There are also a lot of cheap lands in Lagos that you should take a look at and consider buying.

39. Rent Your Car

If you have a car, you can rent it out for easy money. You can even make money driving for Uber. Instead of leaving your car dormant in your garage or just driving around to parties, you can make a lot of money as a driver for Uber.

If driving for Uber doesn’t sound so great, try renting it out once in a while to someone that needs it. If you like this business, check out our post on the cheapest cars in Nigeria. You’d be surprised at how many cars you can buy with just 800K.

40. Sell Video Games

Boys and games are born together, figuratively speaking. If you have games on your laptop, PlayStation, Sega Mega Drive, Xbox, Wee, PSP, or game boy, Selling it is an awesome way to make earn while studying.

It doesn’t take much of your time. You only have to tell people about your services and people in need of your services will seek you out. Believe me, you can make a lot of money by installing video games on other people’s devices. If you’d like to know more about making money from video games, check out that post.

41. Bouncing Services

If you’re fit, well-built and with a body size of let’s say XL or XXL, a nice height, you can over your services to people and organizations.

As a bouncer, security guard or even a bodyguard is an awesome way to make money as a student in Nigeria just by standing around and yelling at people it requires little or no experience at all.

All you need is just a really good physique and you get paid monthly. it is an awesome way to make money as an undergraduate but do be careful in the advent of violence.

42. Lifeguard

You can try being a lifeguard in any pool or hotel close to you. This works well if you a good swimmer. A lifeguard is a rescuer who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants in the swimming pool, Water Parks, lakes, and beaches.

You simply sit around and make sure no dangerous event happens in your water. Then you get paid. You can become a lifeguard for the school pool or a nearby hotel and resorts, tourist center, and your local community.

43. Event planning

Event planning is another high-paying business for Nigerian students. You don’t need a big team or state of the art pieces of equipment to handle this job, you just need proper co-ordination and management skills and you’re all set to start making money.

This idea can help you make a lot of money as a student in Nigeria especially if you love reading and prefer to work on weekends. You manage decorations and events that would take place in churches, weddings,  get together parties, and other social gatherings,

44. Get a Part-Time Job

A part-time job may stretch you too thin but if you want to make money as a student in Nigeria, getting a part-time job is somewhat essential. A part-time job is a pretty steady income source for students in Nigerian universities.

A part-time is not such a bad idea, you can use your spare time to work for a business close to your school instead of dying in hunger. In good time, you’ll adapt to the situation and create time to read your book and complete other extra-circular activities.

45. Become a Data Reseller

This is by far one of the most attractive jobs for students on my list. There is a constant demand for data and the internet, especially on campus. The average Nigerian student spends ₦2,000 on data every month.

As a data reseller, you get to buy data in bulk from other telecommunication companies in bulk and sell them to other students at a slightly increased price for profit.

You can gain a lot from this business especially if you stay in a prominent lodge on campus.

Meeting student data needs by selling personalized data plans is a nice way to make money as a student in Nigeria.

46. Offer pet care services

You can also start up your veterinary outpost even in school without any trouble at all. Over the years, pets have evolved from being just animals to family members all over the world.

Pet services are another big business in Nigeria. For your information, most pure breed dog pups are just as expensive as fully grown goats. I have friends making six-figure income every month from this business.

If you can’t start your animal clinic, you can offer to watch other people’s pets while they go for lectures, travel home, or going to work. Depending on where you live, you can make a lot of money from this business.

47. Rent Out Musical Instruments & Gears

You can also make money by renting out the gear, pieces of equipment, and instruments to people who need them but can’t afford it at the moment. Anything from musical instruments, studio space, bicycles, speakers, cooler, refrigerator,  skateboards… can be lent out in exchange for cash.

48. Dry cleaning/laundry

You can also start a Laundromat as a student in Nigeria. Using your spare time to wash clothes in school is not such a bad idea right? Sure, you’re leaving your comfort zone to serve others but believe me, it pays. You’d be surprised at how many people in school can’t even wash their clothes.

49. Be a Personal Assistant/Secretary

Hanging out at the front desk of companies is o.k. for an undergraduate or secondary school student. It gives you all the experience you need to kick-start yours after school journey. A lot of companies in Nigeria also have a student acting as their secretary.

50. Artisans

An artisan is a skilled manual worker and often engages in making functional items. I assure you, there’s a lot of money to be made as a student in Nigeria. You can find someone in the same field as you and start a business with him/her.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can make money as a student. Hopefully, you found one way to earn extra cash while you are studying and getting your degree. If you do, you can potentially graduate college with less debt and more peace of mind.

But you need to know that it could take months if not years to take months if not years before you can reach my income potential. If you work diligently, passionately, and smartly, you will surely come out on top. You don’t have to be a yahoo boy to make it in Nigeria.

Just know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. So take that step. I challenge you today,

  • Go through the article again, pick your favorite 10.
  • Write how much you would love to earn from your best 3.
  • Start immediately.

Share your idea and drop a comment below. You can also ask us anything and we will reply as soon as possible. Recommend this article using our social share button. Sharing is caring. Thanks.

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