For what feels like forever, “It’s Corn!” has been stuck on repeat in our heads. Arguably the song of the summer, the TikTok jingle has united the masses, igniting a cultural firestorm of memes, tweets, more TikToks, and, of course, real-life sing-a-longs. Corn is everywhere, it has the juice (it has the juice), and we can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!

If you’re one of the few people who’s scratching their heads wondering what corn song we’re talking about, let us explain: Corn got its golden moment a few weeks ago, when a little boy melted the internet’s hearts in a TikTok posted by user @RecessTherapy. In the video, the account’s host, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, interviews Tariq, who adorably exclaims he “really likes corn,” before listing his praises (“It has the juice… I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!”)

Then another creator (@Schmoyoho) took Tariq’s corn-silken soliloquy and turned it into an absolute banger of a song (below)—the song that’s since been playing over and over again in our brains. It’s so catchy. I’ve quietly hummed the tune on my daily walks and while cooking dinner. In other cases, I’ve caught myself belting, “A BIG LUMP WITH KNOBS” to absolutely no one at all. It’s an earworm for sure, and quite honestly, it’s made us really hungry for corn.

Needless to say, we’re feeling corny. Very corny. But if you can’t get your hands on a delicious, healthy ear of corn, we have next best thing: Corn-themed wellness products. Below are nine goodies that will satiate your craving for that yellow lump with knobs. We can’t promise they’ll get the song out of your head, but we can promise they’re *almost* as good as the real thing.

These corn-themed wellness products have *the juice*, too

Otherland, Crisp Cornflower — $36.00

Corn might be the most beautiful thing Tariq has ever seen, but this harvest-scented candle would definitely be the most beautiful thing he’s ever smelled. If you’ve ever driven past a cornfield on an August day or have ridden a hayride to go pumpkin picking, that sweet, warm scent you’ve smelled is the star of this candle. Aptly named “Crisp Cornflower,” it will transport you to a sunny autumn afternoon, drenching your room with a light, corny scent blended with notes of golden milk and maple syrup.

Loli, Purple Corn Grains Organic Smoothing + Perfecting Scrub — $32.00

Fun fact: Corn is just as delicious for your skin as it is your belly. Purple corn—the star of this scrub—is especially beneficial thanks to its hefty load of antioxidants that soothe the skin and reverse unwanted signs of aging. Blended with almond meal flour (a natural physical exfoliant), orange peel powder (hello, vitamin C), and hibiscus flour, and this wash will “husk” away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells in a flash. Use it in the a.m. to wash your face, or while you’re in the shower singing “It’s corn!”

Corn Huskers, Oil-Free Lotion — $6.00

Speaking of husking, take a hint from the corn farmers themselves and treat your skin to this heavy duty lotion that nourishes even the driest, most cracked hands. The brand itself has been around for more than 60 years, giving sad paws instant relief when they need it most. Add a bottle or two to your cart—with winter around the corner (chapped hands, anyone?) you’ll be glad you did.

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Opopop, Variety Show Gourmet Popcorn Kit — $43.00

Move over, salted butter. Opopop wants you to take your popcorn game to the next level with flavors like vanilla cake pop, Maui heat, and salted umami. The “Variety Show” includes everything you need to cozy on up and get corny on your next movie night. Simply peel and pour the flavored kernel pack you want to indulge in the microwaveable popping bowl, heat it up, and enjoy. You’ll never snack again the same way.

Oxo, Good Grip Corn Peeler — $10.00

Corn really does have the juice—but it can be hard to eat right off the cob. Which is why we love this handy dandy corn peeler from Oxo that allows you to savor all that juicy, golden goodness without the hassle of gnawing off that big lump with knobs. Simply press the Y-shaped peeler down into the kernels and watch it zip into action, giving you snackable kernels you can sprinkle on salads, blend into soups, or eat on the side. At $10, it’s a convenient tool every corn lover needs in their pantry.

Beauty Bakerie, Pinch of Suga Lip Scrub — $12.00

Corn plays a more subtle role in this lip scrub, but it’s still there. Look closely at the ingredient list and you’ll find Zea Mays, aka, corn, (in this case, corn starch). Its exfoliating formula comes to life, thanks to a blend of sugar crystals and shea butter which work to hydrate lips and peel away dry skin or anything else that leaves them less kissable. Our only complaint is that corn isn’t a flavor—but it is available in sweet peach, strawberry, and vanilla.

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Pipcorn, Cheddar Cheese Balls (Pack of 6)

If there was ever a company to make the corn song its official branded jingle, it’s Pipcorn. The company knows a lot about corn—so much so, that it’s the backbone of its entire snack business, ranging from classic popcorn to these puffed cheese balls that make the perfect on-the-go bite. The not-so-secret ingredient is heirloom corn, which come from older, open-pollinated seeds. There’s no GMOs, no gluten, no artificial ingredients. Only the good stuff including corn and real, organic cheddar cheese.

Williams Sonoma, Corn Holders (Set of 8) — $25.00

If you don’t mind all that juice running down your chin, grab a pack of these cute corn holders. They’re shaped… like corn! And they’re designed to make chomping down on your cob like a hungry typewriter easier than ever. Buttery fingers, begone!

Norpro, Butter Spreader — $6.00

Tariq’s life changed when he tried corn with butter, and you could, too, when you use this butter spreader. All you have to do is shove in a stick of butter to get it to work. Next picnic or BBQ, save your fingers and bring this convenient stick with you and elevate your corn game tenfold. Really makes you wanna sing, “Look at this thing!”

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