New App Empowers Nurses to Improve Care Coordination for Critically Ill Patients

New App Empowers Nurses to Improve Care Coordination for Critically Ill Patients – Nurses play a crucial role in coordinating care for critically ill patients on life support. Yet, established educational methods to improve their care coordination skills are limited. This is where the innovative NCCCS (Nurses’ Care Coordination Competency Scoring) app steps in, developed by Dr. Chie Takiguchi of Toho University and Professor Tomoko Inoue.

A NCCCS app has been developed to improve the care coordination competency of nurses involved in managing critically ill patients.

According to the study, the NCCCS app utilizes a scoring system referred to as the Nurses’ Care Coordinate Competency, which was developed by Dr. Takiguchi and her team.

The NCCCS Difference:

  • Immediate Feedback: Built on the well-established Nurses’ Care Coordinate Competency Scale (NCCCS), the app provides nurses with real-time feedback on their self-assessed care coordination behaviors.
  • Targeted Training: The app caters to nurses with low care coordination skills, offering personalized feedback and training tailored to their needs.
  • Measurable Results: Studies show the NCCCS app significantly increases the frequency of care coordination behaviors among nurses, even after just one month.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes: By enhancing care coordination, the app holds the potential to improve the physical, mental, and cognitive outcomes of critically ill patients.

Key Findings

  • Nurses using the NCCCS app with feedback demonstrated a significant increase in care coordination behaviors compared to those without feedback.
  • Those with lower baseline care coordination skills and below-average NCCCS scores also benefited from the app’s feedback, showing improved behavior frequency.
  • Feedback on self-assessments through the app boosted nurses’ attention, confidence, and interest in learning about care coordination.
  • They also reported enhanced teamwork and improved quality of care due to the app.

Care coordination is a crucial aspect of integrated care and a key responsibility for registered nurses. Nurses play a substantial role in care coordination, as they can improve access to appropriate care, reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance communication between staff. Care coordination is essential for ensuring that patients receive continuous high-quality care across different settings and addressing the root causes of poor health

This study was published in the Japan Journal of Nursing Science on January 25, 2024, this research paves the way for a future where technology empowers nurses to deliver the best possible care for critically ill patients.

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