With the presidency of Donald Trump in the books, the political landscape of the U.S. was changed forever. Normalizing the concept of a celebrity president, many have begun wondering what our country would continue to look like under famous stars rather than seasoned politicians. Amongst the candidates of future celebrity president is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In October, it was revealed that 46% of Americans would support Johnson if he ran for president. But who should he choose as his running mate? Nicki Swift asked readers and our fan faithful have spoken! Of 605 polled, coming in fifth place is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with 74 votes (12.23%). Trailing ahead in fourth place is the controversial rapper Kanye West with 93 votes (15.37%). And with third place, it seems as if Nicki Swift readers wouldn’t mind a Trump return, even if he’s second-in-command. The former POTUS boasted 112 votes (18.51%).

The battle heated up, however, when it came to first and second place. Coming in second place was Tesla tycoon Elon Musk with 161 votes (26.61%), but the innovator was edged out by none other than Microsoft monarch Bill Gates — who came in first place with 165 votes (27.27%).

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