Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt: Dating Timeline Age And Net Worth

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt – Following the reporter’s social media announcement of the relationship, their romance has become a topic of conversation. People are searching online for Narelda Jacobs partner Karina Natt to learn more about their romantic affair.

Australian television journalist Narelda Jacobs works for NITV and Network 10 in Sydney. She has worked as a reporter and panelist for 10 News First in Perth, Western Australia.

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt: Dating Timeline Age And Net Worth

Since 2008 before being hired in January 2020 to do so for the morning talk show Studio 10. She is Western Australia’s first openly lesbian and Aboriginal newsreader.

Jacobs joined Ten News in 2000 after beginning her career at GWN in Bunbury. Network Ten named her the new presenter in 2008 and announced that the Perth news bulletin would be produced in Perth once again, moving from Sydney.

The journalist is Western Australia’s first Aboriginal and openly lesbian newsreader. She co-hosted the SBS broadcast of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in March 2019.

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt

The Studio 10 presenter has announced her relationship with Karina Natt, the chief of staff for South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt is a senior political consultant who provides policy and strategic assistance while building on fundamental media, public relations, and law competencies. He is also a licensed and competent lawyer and journalist.

On Thursday, the panelist shared a picture of the two women kissing while participating in Sydney World Pride festivities to mark the beginning of her brand-new relationship.

Natt, who resembles Cruz-Martin eerily, was holding up the rainbow pride flag while dressed in a sequined dress.

Narelda Jacobs partner Karina Natt
“Narelda Jacobs partner Karina Natt” Jacobs revealed the pair went on their first date in February, meaning they have been an item for just four weeks. Natt  (Source: Daily Mail)

The journalist revealed in the caption that the pair went on their first date in February, which implies that they have been dating for just four weeks.

“Can’t ignore the numbers. The first date is 23/02/23. One month later, 23/03/23,’ she wrote in the caption.” The lawyer first appeared on Jacobs’ Instagram feed on March 4.

Narelda Jacobs Dating Timeline And Age

Narelda Jacobs Net Worth

The panelist has been in the television media industry for over a decade. And she is a successful journalist and a media personality.

Her primary source of income is her work at the television station. So, she has amassed quite a fortune for herself and leads a comfortable life with her daughter.

On January 13, 2020, the newsreader moved to Sydney to become a panelist on the Studio 10 morning chat program.

However, after the network-wide cost-cutting that caused the bulletin to return to Sydney, she eventually went back to Perth to read the Perth edition of 10 News First while balancing her work on Studio 10.

Narelda Jacobs
Narelda Jacobs on her top picks for SBS on Demand (Source: NITV)

Jacobs co-hosted the Dawn Ceremony in 2020 and 2021 with John Paul Janke, which was simultaneously broadcast on NITV, SBS, and Channel 10.

As of 2023, Narelda is estimated to be worth between $500k and $900k per various sources; however, her actual net worth is yet to be revealed.

But because she is still learning and being recognized as a professional journalist and reporter, her net worth will undoubtedly rise in the coming years.

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