Onesh Subasinghe

Onesh Subasinghe, MD of OPEX Holdings, was discovered dead in Jakarta. Here is more information about Onesh Subasinghe’s net worth and career.

Onesh Subasinghe, 45, the Managing Director of OPEX Holdings, was discovered dead in an apartment in Jakarta.

The circumstances of his death have raised questions about whether he was murdered. He was in Indonesia on vacation with his Brazilian wife, Rosa Silva, his daughter, and an unidentified woman.

His wife and the other woman, however, were not found because they had already left Indonesia for Doha. Friends and Sri Lankans are paying tribute to one of the country’s top businessmen on social media.

Onesh Subasinghe Net Worth

Onesh Subasinghe net worth is estimated to be above $1 billion at the time of his passing.

The 45-year-old was the managing director of Opex Holdings, a Sri Lanka-based agribusiness corporation.

Opex Holdings is one of the largest liquid fertilizer manufacturers for the local and international markets.

It was founded by Onesh Subasinghe’s father, Alfred, and passed on to him as a family business.

Onesh Subasinghe Net Worth After Death: What Caused His Death? Find Out Here!
Onesh Subasinghe had a net worth of over $1 billion and was one of the wealthiest men in Sri Lanka. (Source: Facebook)

Onesh Subasinghe graduated from Cornell University in 2003 with a degree in Applied Economics and Management.

He then returned to Sri Lanka and took up the family business owned by his father, Alfred.

Initially, Opex was a seed company, but later expanded into the fertilizer business and made a considerable profit.

They partnered with Helena Chemicals, based in Memphis, Tennessee, to meet the market’s demand.

Soon, the company started business internationally, selling products to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Onesh Subasinghe Cause Of Death & Obituary

Onesh Subasinghe death cause has not been released yet. He was found dead inside an apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The last time Onesh contacted his family in Sri Lanka was on Tuesday, February 2.

He was on vacation to Jakarta with his Brazilian wife, four-year-old daughter, and another unidentified woman.

His family alerted the police after they could not reach him on his mobile for several days.

The room that Subasinghe was staying in was locked from the inside, and no one responded when the apartment owner tried to contact him.

The owner called the police, and they forcefully opened the door to find out that Mr. Subasinghe was dead in the room.

Subasinghe’s wife, daughter, and the other woman have not been found yet.

CCTV camera showed that they left the apartment room a couple of days earlier with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

The last time they were seen leaving Indonesia for Doha. However, they are yet to be contacted.

Onesh Subasinghe and His wife
Onesh Subasinghe with his Brazilian wife, Rosa Silva, and daughter. (Source: Facebook)

Subasinghe’s death was confirmed by Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, Admiral Professor Jayanath Colombage.

Following the announcement of his death, numerous tributes are posted on social media by Onesh’s friends and the Sri Lankan people.

The news of his passing is picked up by major Sri Lankan news outlets, both online and in newspapers.

Subasinghe’s death has become suspicious because of the recent deaths of two more Sri Lankan businessmen.

First Capital Holdings owner Dinesh Sachaffter and apparel businessman Roshan Wannianayake died mysteriously in early 2023.

The suspicious account of their death has led to many claiming that Subasinghe was murdered.

However, the true reason for the renowned Lankan business giant’s death has not been identified.

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