Jared Bridegan

Jared Bridegan was a 33-year-old Microsoft software developer and a father of four. He has two children with ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, who lived in Jacksonville Beach, and two children with current wife Kirsten Bridegan in St. Augustine. He was a devout Mormon and a highly respected member of the community.

In February 2022, the news of the tragic death of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan shook the country. The incident occurred in his usual routine when he was ambushed while dropping off two children he shared with his ex-wife, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

Jared was driving with his other daughter in the back seat when he saw a tire on the road. When he stepped out, he was shot at close range. In a recent development, nearly two months after arresting the first suspect, authorities have now arrested the current husband of Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife, Mario Fernandez Saldana.

This article will explore the details of the relationship between Jared Bridegan and his ex-wife, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, and Mario Fernandez Saldana.

Who Is Jared Bridegan Ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez?

Jared Bridegan and Shanna Gardner-Fernandez were married in 2010 and divorced in 2015. They shared custody of the twins. Gardner-Fernandez married her second husband, Mario Fernandez Saldana, in 2018, and they reportedly split since Jared’s murder. It is unclear whether they are still together.

Gardner-Fernandez is originally from Utah and met Jared while visiting a friend in Florida in 2009. They got married in 2010 in Salt Lake City. At some point, they moved to Connecticut, where they started having trouble involving Gardner-Fernandez and her personal trainer.

Who Is Jared Bridegan? Microsoft Exec Who Was Murdered At 33 - Did His Ex Wife Kill Him?

On Thursday, nearly two months after the arrest of the first suspect, Mario Fernandez Saldana was indicted on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, a solicitation to commit a capital felony, and child abuse. Fernandez Saldana is married to Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife. He was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida, and is now facing the death penalty if convicted.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez has not been charged in the case and is not currently facing any charges. Gardner-Fernandez and Bridegan shared twins and had been locked in a contentious custody battle shortly before Jared’s murder. Reports suggest that she left Florida and moved to Richland, Washington, with the twins after the incident. Gardner-Fernandez has denied any involvement in the crime.

All About Jared Bridegan’s Murder

Jared Bridegan was murdered in front of his daughter Bexley, whom he shared with his second wife, Kristen. He had noticed a tire on the road and pulled over to remove it when he was shot in what police called a planned ambush. Little Bexley was in the backseat and alone in the car for a few minutes until a passerby noticed her father dead on the road and called 911.

Who Is Jared Bridegan? Microsoft Exec Who Was Murdered At 33 - Did His Ex Wife Kill Him?

After an investigation, Henry Tenon, Jared’s former tenant and occasional handyman, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in connection to the killing. He pleaded guilty to the charges and agreed to cooperate with the authorities and testify against Mario Fernandez Saldana.

The arrest of Mario Fernandez Saldana in connection to the murder of Jared Bridegan has shed new light on the case.

Meet Jared Bridegan’s Current Wife

Kirsten Bridegan, Jared’s 31-year-old widow, has two young children with him. Before she became a full-time mom, she worked as an account manager. She has taken steps to make sure Jared’s story doesn’t get lost. For example, she started the “JusticeForJaredB” Instagram account and the Bridegan Foundation. However, she is sometimes afraid for her and her family’s safety.

Who Is Jared Bridegan? Microsoft Exec Who Was Murdered At 33 - Did His Ex Wife Kill Him?

She is also determined to help children who are taken to the police in these situations while waiting for their families to arrive. She made “The Bexley Box” and is now trying to get them into police stations and sheriff’s offices in her area. The Bexley Box will have diapers, sippy cups, snacks, toys, blankets, stuffed animals, and formula that has already been mixed up.

She told First Coast News that she was in such a hurry to get to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department that night that she didn’t think about what to bring and didn’t know how long they’d be there.

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Who is Jared Bridegan?

He was a 33-year-old Microsoft executive and father of four. He had two children with ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez who lived in Jacksonville Beach and two with current wife Kirsten Bridegan in St. Augustine.

Who is Mario Fernandez Saldana?

Mario Fernandez Saldana is the current husband of Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

How was Jared Bridegan killed?

Jared was driving with his other daughter in the back seat when he saw a tire on the road. When he stepped out, he was shot at close range.

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