EASTENDERS fans have been left open-mouthed after Phil Mitchell locked lips with Sharon AND Kat minutes apart in explosive scenes.

Phil (Steve McFadden) made a bombshell return at the end of last week, despite the women in his life fearing he had been killed in prison.

EastEnders fans were shocked tonight when Phil Mitchell kissed Sharon AND Kat within minutes of one another

Phil shocked the women in his life when he returned to the Square from prison last week[/caption]

Phil declared his love for Sharon but then left in anger when he learned she had spoken to his brother Grant

Kat (Jessie Wallace) told Phil she had moved back into no.31 and despite his pleas, she insisted it was over between them.

Meanwhile Sharon (Leticia Dean) went on to confess her love for her ex-husband, before he was abruptly called away by DCI Keeble after agreeing to being an informant for the police.

Later, Phil visited Sharon and asked her if she was serious about loving him.

He then declared his love for her, reminding her of when he first laid eyes on her in the Queen Vic before she went on to marry his brother Grant.

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He said: “Maybe all these years it’s just been a mistake, maybe it was always you and me right from the start.

“Maybe we should have always been together”.

The pair ended up sharing a kiss, but they were interrupted by Sharon’s phone ringing, and Phil saw Grant’s name on the screen.

Immediately furious, he asked why his brother was calling, and Sharon tried to explain she had called him as she didn’t know what to do about Phil’s situation in prison.

But Phil raged: “I can’t trust you!” and despite her tearful appeal that they loved each other, he stormed out and straight over to Kat’s.

Kat initially gave him the cold shoulder, telling Phil she couldn’t live like they had been and worried about putting her family at risk by being associated with him.

But Phil turned on the charm once again and insisted that it was HER he loved, not Sharon.

He said: “Kat, you know me, you understand me. We’re good together. We’re a fit ain’t we?

“Please give me another chance, take me back please? Let’s be together, let’s get married like we said we would, let’s put all our mistakes behind us and be a proper family.”

Kat then asked about Sharon and Phil unashamedly reached out and stroked her face and said: “You, are the one I want. You are the only one, just you.”

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Phil then got his second snog of the night as Kat relented and took him back.

EastEnders viewers were quick to comment on his behaviour on Twitter, with one writing: “Poor Kat! She genuinely thinks Phil loves her.”

Another added: “The utter audacity of Phil! “It was always you, Kat. You’re the one.” B**ch, you *literally* just said the same thing to Sharon!”

A third tweeted: “Get Phil Mitchell in that #LoveIsland villa, ‘You’re the one I want Sharon’…’You’re all I want Kat’. What a player.”

Phil then headed straight over to Kat’s and begged for her to take him back
Kat relented and the pair shared a kiss
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