TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason responded to the star after she told him to “shut the f**k up” amid controversy.

As the couple has blocked each other on TikTok, David made another post saying he has “no clue what a pronoun is” after imitating a trans woman.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason responded to the star telling him to 'shut the f**k up'


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason responded to the star telling him to ‘shut the f**k up’Credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans
David is under fire after imitating a trans woman on the social media platform


David is under fire after imitating a trans woman on the social media platformCredit: TikTok / @easondavid

David, 33, made a post on TikTok wearing a dark t-shirt and a baseball cap with an American flag on the front.

He asked: “What are my pronouns?”

The ex-Teen Mom 2 star answered himself: “I have no god d**ned clue what a pronoun is right now because I am drunk.”

David continued on his rant: “So what the f**k do you mean ‘What are my pronouns?'”

Teen Mom Jenelle fuels rumors she's SPLIT from husband David again
Teen Mom Jenelle's husband slammed for mocking & 'bullying' trans woman

The star concluded: “Help me, and I’ll answer you, but what is a f**king pronoun?”

David captioned his post: “A pro what?”

In the comments, David was under fire from fans for his “mean,” “uneducated,” and “judgmental” post.

One fan referred to a post David’s wife Jenelle, 30, posted after he made a video imitating a trans woman.

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The fan commented: “Jenelle said, ‘Wash the f**king dishes and shut the f**k up.’ Maybe you should listen to her.”

David replied to the comment: “What can I say, I’m a rebel.”


On Monday, David took to TikTok to share a clip of a trans influencer named Olivia – which is what fans seemed to be referring to.

The TV personality re-shared the woman’s post, as she sat with a friend in the park saying: “F**k you David Eason, like for real.”

David then spliced himself into the video to clap back as he mocked the woman’s laugh, sarcastically giggling and saying: “That was so funny.”

Jenelle’s husband captioned his post: “This man dressed like a woman keeps tagging me talking s**t.

David continued in part, apparently not using the trans woman’s preferred pronouns on purpose: “Then he has the nerve to tag me in a whole other video about how he ‘would never come to my page and dump on me.’ Like mf that’s what you just did!”


Then, in a second video, David re-shared yet another post from Olivia where she asked her fans: “Wouldn’t you just want to be with somebody that thrives and just supports everybody and goes with the flow with everything?”

He then hopped on the camera as he mocked the social media star by imitating a deep voice.

“Wouldn’t you just want to be with somebody that thrives and goes with the flow and supports everybody even if they’re just on TikTok telling jokes about people who don’t even take their sexuality very seriously?” he mocked.

“Sorry my voice is so deep today I forgot to take my hormone treatment,” he slammed.

David captioned the second post: “The joke is YOU sir. If you can live your life as a joke you should be able to take a joke, especially when you probably take it up the arse!

“Keep acting like I’m just ‘attacking you for no reason’ motherf**ker YOU KEEP POSTING VIDEOS talking s**t then deleting it! F**k you,” he classily concluded.

Then, in a third and final post, David raised his voice to a higher pitch to once again imitate his social media nemesis.

Fans were enraged by the interaction, taking to Reddit to slam the father of three for his behavior.

“David ‘I’m not any kind of phobic’ Eason purposefully misgendering someone like the transphobic a**hole he is,” one wrote while re-sharing the TV star’s post.

“Exactly how mentally ill is he,” a second asked.

“God he is so disgustingly pig headed and foul,” a third expressed.

“Does it make you feel like more of man to come on this platform and bully girls for literally no reason?” one TikTok user inquired after the slew of hateful videos.

A final ripped on TikTok: “Wow, your transphobia is embarrassing.”


Jenelle shared a video on her personal TikTok following the outrage over David’s posts.

The MTV star wore a hoodie with her hair down and head-banged to metal music as she mouthed the words: “Wash the f**king dishes and shut the f**k up.”

She wrote into the video: “When I tell my husband to stop arguing with people online.”

And she playfully captioned it, “Only I can make fun of him” – however that was not really the mood in the room.

One fan bashed: “I dunno if you have a ‘brand’ anymore but he definitely burned that to the ground just in the past few days!! Good luck!”

Jenelle responded: “My ‘brand’ is my name and always will be. Never had a ‘brand’ of any sort.”

Another wrote: “No one blames you for his actions….but it speaks volumes about your morals”

When another asked: “So, you agree with the comments he made?” Jenelle responded, “That’s not what I said at all.”

A third user wrote under her response: “Well you didn’t speak out against it or try to calm the situation. Now you’re making tiktoks mocking it.”

A fourth wrote “this isn’t a great response.”

Jenelle responded a third time in the comments when someone supportively wrote: “I bet he doesn’t listen.”

She replied: “No he doesn’t, then everyone blames me for his actions.”

Jenelle had blocked David on TikTok amid the controversy.

Her action has continued to fuel rumors among fans that she split from David.

David and Jenelle are the parents of their five-year-old daughter, Ensley.

The former Teen Mom star is also the mother to sons Jace, 12, and Kaiser, seven.

David clapped back to Jenelle's post as he called himself 'a rebel'


David clapped back to Jenelle’s post as he called himself ‘a rebel’Credit: TikTok
David claimed he had 'no clue what a pronoun is' in his new TikTok as fans continued to be outraged


David claimed he had ‘no clue what a pronoun is’ in his new TikTok as fans continued to be outragedCredit: TikTok/@easondavid
Jenelle sparked rumors that the couple split after she blocked David on TikTok amid the controversy


Jenelle sparked rumors that the couple split after she blocked David on TikTok amid the controversyCredit: Instagram

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