What Is A Bloater In 'The Last of Us'? - Infected Giant Explained!

Fans of The Last of Us will be familiar with the Infected – humans who transform into “monsters” after contracting a mutant Cordyceps fungus. Since the HBO adaptation debuted, viewers have met the Infected at various stages, including Runners and the terrifying Clickers.

However, in Episode 5 of the series, a rarer and more terrifying stage of being Infected was introduced. So, what exactly was that terrifying giant infected mutant?

The giant infected creature is known as a Bloater. Despite the fact that the show did not take the time to explain the creature in greater detail (for now), Bloaters play an important role in The Last of Us games.

As viewers of the show have already noticed, they don’t look like the other infected, and they are much stronger and more difficult to defeat than your average infected. So, what happened to them exactly? Everything you need to know about Bloaters from The Last of Us.

How Does an Infected Become A Bloater in the Last of Us Series?

The Last of Us Bloaters

The HBO series is yet to explain how an infected becomes a Bloater. However, this is quite clear in the game. Bloaters are formed after years of exposure to the Cordyceps infection, meaning an infected person has to somehow survive for many years to develop into a Bloater. Since they take so long to fully develop, Bloaters are unbelievably strong. They have thick fungus-like skin, acting as armor, making them much harder to kill. As already depicted in The Last Of Us Episode 5, Bloaters are bulletproof and very aggressive.

Bloaters are the rarest form of Infected but also the most dangerous ones. Not only do they kill by ripping people apart, but they also throw sacks of deadly mycotoxin which explodes on impact and releases a cloud of deadly toxins. It is easy to understand why Bloaters feared and dreaded in The Last of Us lore.

Can the Bloater Be Killed in The Last of Us Series?

The Last of Us Bloaters

Although Bloaters are notoriously difficult to kill, it is very much possible to do it in the games. So, there’s one important question that arises: can Bloaters be killed in The Last of Us series? Craig Mazin recently revealed that, unfortunately, nobody will be able to kill Bloaters on the show. Stating, “We also thought, look, whatever this thing is and however it got that way, there was this notion that it might be scarier that at some point you realize, you’re not killing it. No one’s killing it, ever.”

Well, by the looks of it, the best that Joel and Ellie can do is simply escape Bloaters by doing everything in their power to injure them and eventually run away. Bloaters are basically giants compared to other Infected, so they’re very slow and uncoordinated. Even though they look horrifying, to say the least, they are much more predictable than Clickers and other infected. What’s important to note is that Bloaters are vulnerable to fire, pretty much like all the other infected, so fire is Ellie and Joel’s best chance to survive in the show. On the other hand, Bloaters are not that common in the game, making their rare appearance all the more impactful.

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How do you kill a bloater in The Last of Us?

Due to their vulnerability to fire, the most effective way to kill bloaters is to throw a Molotov cocktail or use the flamethrower on them. When stunned, the shotgun is the most effective weapon for killing the bloater.

What are Bloaters in The Last of Us?

A bloater is considered to be one of the end stages of infection for victims of the cordyceps fungus ravaging the world of The Last of Us.

How do you beat Bloaters?

The best strategy is to take advantage of the available space and move throughout the fight, waiting for the right moment to strike. The pump shotgun is great for dealing damage if the Bloater gets too close, but the hunting rifle is ideal for maintaining distance.

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