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Despite the charges against Alec Baldwin, Rust will continue. Many people are divided on either side of this issue. The idea of continuing the film is more pragmatic than anything else. Following the unfortunate accident, there was much debate about putting the movie aside.

Halyna Hutchins, the victim in this case, is honored in a few ways after her unintentional shooting. Nonetheless, finishing the movie feels perverse to some and justified to others.

Many people believe it makes business sense because leaving a movie unfinished makes little to no sense. Some people are still puzzled as to how this hasn’t completely derailed the movie.

Matthew, Halyna Hutchins’ widower, has joined the project to see it through in her memory. Public opinion concerning this case is still divided, but many have spoken up for Baldwin. The idea is that gun safety and the workings of set props are not the actor’s responsibility. 

There is a great deal of truth to this idea. Actors are not always as knowledgeable about the props they’re using. While some are enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even experts, depending on their interests, it is wrong to assume that actors are entirely at fault.

Will Rust Movie Be Finished? Alec Baldwin Charges Won't Stop Rust Filming

Matthew Hutchins doesn’t blame anyone

One of the few people with any right to cast blame is not interested in doing so. Matthew Hutchins has listed his wife’s shooting as a terrible accident, as many have agreed. His idea to join the movie as an executive producer no doubt surprised some folks. But he’s decided to do this to honor his wife’s memory.

Some might call this decision questionable, but it does make a fair bit of sense. As someone who knew Halyna personally and intimately, it’s fair to state that Matthew knows what she would want. The idea that Matthew has settled his issues with the rest of the cast and crew is a positive move forward. Some might still call this a suspect move, but it sounds like a way forward.

Any further issues to be worked out are the province of those involved in the accident.

The movie is still going to be finished

Some would call this perverse and even uncaring. But the unfortunate truth is that Hollywood is a business. This means it will continue through accidents and other issues and seek to make money. The fan reaction to this is often varied. Some think it’s a cold and heartless way to run a business. But the truth is that this is how things have gone for quite some time.

Not much stops a movie from being finished unless it’s catastrophic enough to halt production entirely. Human life is still considered precious and worth protecting, but in the course of making a movie, there are still many ways to proceed following an incident.

Halyna Hutchins is more than an unfortunate accident, but the movie is still rolling forward.

"Rust" Filming Will Continue Despite Charges Against Alec Baldwin

The filming location is being changed

It has been made clear that the filming location is being changed, but it’s unknown where it will be finished at this time. There’s no doubt that it has something to do with the incident. There’s also no doubt that safety and security measures are being taken far more seriously than before. Ensuring the safety of the cast and crew is typically paramount on a set, but accidents do happen.

Movies that deal with violent scenes and dangerous weapons are meant to be taken very seriously. The majority of items on a set are props that are carefully designed and meant to work as they’re needed. Unfortunately, this incident has proved that nothing is ever one hundred percent safe on a given set.

Accidents in other movies over the years would support this fact, given that actors and crew have been injured in various ways. This matter is not yet fully settled, but it does appear that the movie will be finished as production is meant to continue.

Apparently, the movie isn’t meant for theaters

This isn’t surprising since many movies these days have gone straight to DVD or streaming and are meant to have a slightly smaller impact. It doesn’t say much about a celebrity’s star power since Baldwin is still highly regarded by many individuals. But the issue of the accidental shooting is still a notable topic in this movie.

Whether that will impact the movie’s viewership remains to be seen. But as of now, people are still talking about the matter. It does feel as though any chatter will die down eventually. But at the moment, it’s still a topic of discussion.

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