Reasons Why Most Marriages Don't Last For 5 Years

The problem of broken marriage in our society today is alarming.  Marriages no longer last these days, so it has become a tropical issue of concern.

Most marriages between 1 to 4 years ended soon after consummation. This act is gradually transforming divorce into a social norm. Societies at large are also affected.

The following are some of the potential causes of this high divorce rate:

(1) Infidelity.

Infidelity is the act of unfaithfulness in marriage; according to research conducted by Amato and Private, they discovered that in 2000 21.6% of the divorce rate today in our country is caused by infidelity in marriage. 

The English dictionary defines it as a practice or instance of having a sexual or romantic affair with someone other than one spouse without their consent. 

Infidelity involves one of the partners cheating on the other, and when they find out, they decide to terminate the marriage.

(2) Financial Reasons.

Most people today go into marriage due to money. They no longer consider the Primary reason for marriage, which is “Love” they don’t want to suffer and don’t mind if the person is trustworthy. 

They don’t even consider what the person does for a living. In this case, when the central attraction for that marriage, “Money”, is not there, they will look for a possible means to end the marriage. 

Women fall the victim in this aspect which is why today we see young marriages between one to three years dying off.

(3) Incompatibility.

Dictionary states that it is impossible to coexist, not congruous, because of differences. Incompatibility is the state of not being incompatible. It results when the two parties in marriage begin to nurse the feeling that they cannot be together because either her way of life is different from the other way of life. 

The reasons for this man are that one of the partners argues a lot, the partner is no longer supportive, or the partner insults and abuses the other. 

It also exists when their views are not going together, they may decide to terminate the marriage.

(4) Intruding By Third Party.

Intruding by a third party means outsiders suggesting and giving advice on what will happen in the marriage. 

Mainly common in most settings where either the woman’s parent or man’s parent suggest what will happen in the marriage. In most cases, the man’s family (Mothers) especially will decide how things will be in the family. 

In most critical cases, the relatives also contribute to this, and when the woman can no longer retake it, she will decide to end the marriage at all cost. 

(5) Lack of Trust.

Some partners lack trust; they find it very difficult to believe their partner; this leads to the dissolution of marriage, especially among newly married couples between the first to fourth years of their marriage. 

The reason is that they are still new in the system, and they have not known their partner so well. Some people lack trust in their marriage due to the things they have experienced. They do not want to fall victim to such again.

(6) Not Admitting to Mistake.

Not admitting to mistake contributes to the high rate of divorce in society. The newly married couples, which range from their early stage of one year to four years, finds it difficult to accept their mistakes and take responsibility for it.

The newlywed couples claim the right and defend themselves and give reasons for doing the things they do, not knowing that marriage is all about sacrifice and understanding.

(7) Wife Earning More Than The Husband.

This issue is common to young couples who just got married and have not seen life in the real sense of things. 

In this situation, a woman earns more than her husband and takes responsibility for everything, disrespecting the man’s opinion. 

A woman may think that since she is earning more than her husband, her opinion should be the final. In this situation, the man decides to end the marriage. 

In some case, the man will not want the wife to earn more than him and sees the idea as an insult to him and decide to end the marriage.

(8) Focusing More Attention On Their Children.

Most women go into marriage to have kids, and when this aim is positive, they tend to forget their husband and pass the whole love to their children, leaving the husband aside. 

In most cases, the woman doesn’t have any thoughts in mind, but she no longer has time for the husband when she gives birth. 

In this case, you find out that the couples hardly sit down to talk or hand out as they usually do at the inception stage. 

When this happens, both parties begin to lose interest in the marriage, leading to permanent termination.

(9) Ungratefulness.

Ungratefulness has terminated most of our young marriages/ lack of appreciation to each other and pretending that their effort doesn’t matter. 

Young couples tend to forget these things, forgetting that “appreciation they said, is the application for more”. 

(10) Reality Sets In Within a Year.

During the early stage of marriage, the couple terms to hide some threats, weaknesses, and challenges, but after staying up to a year in the union, they become relaxed. That hiding behaviour they have been hiding from their partner will begin to show. 

In that early stage (courtship), they can hide their selves because human beings are unpredictable. Once this hiding attitude surfaces, the couples will want to divorce.

(11) Early Marriage.

People go into marriage very early that they don’t even know what it entails to be in marriage. 

We see a young couple of about 15 to 18 years going into marriage with the thought that it is a bed of noses. When they see that is not what they think, they will start looking for a way to come out from it.

(12) Lack of Attention.

Couples are being carried away by the things of the world, especially their work and business that they pay less attention to their family. 

They don’t even have the time to discuss with their partner or know others for little things they do, it will encourage them to do more, but when their little effort is not in line, it discourages them from doing another thing. Thank you! It does save a lot of things.

(13) Not Letting Off The Past.

Not letting off the past is the act of an unforgiving spirit. Young couples find it very difficult to let go once their partner offends them. 

While some will forgive and will still not forget it, they ignore the past when the person offends them, which poses a significant risk to the marriage.

(14) Selfishness.

Some couples are selfish. They only think about themselves without considering their partner. They always think of what to gain in a situation where things are not balanced, and dissolution is bound to surface. 

Marriage is all about and takes the measure you give, is the measure you expect to get. When revise is the case, the couple will start thinking of a way to resolve the marriage.

(15) Comparing Their Relation With Others.

Comparing their relation with others is the worst of them all. Most young people reach their marriage with others, forgetting that marriage has no formula. What works for MR A in marriage may not work for MR B in marriage because they are two different people. 

Alternatively, it is good to study your partner and know the best method to use. Comparing a partner kills the marriage.

(16) Some People Expect Too Much From Their Partner.

In most marriages, some couples term to demand more from their partner, without knowing that “nobody knows it all” and nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. 

They want there to be a hundred per cent perfect, which is not possible. When the partners do not see what they want, they will decide to terminate the marriage, thinking it is the best option.

(17) Lack Of Respect For Each Other.

Any marriage that lacks respect will not survive. There must be respect between the two couples. 

In some young marriages of today, some partner doesn’t even acknowledge their partner. They talk to their partner anyhow they want and treat them anyhow, and when it backfires, they go for divorce.

(18) Infertility.

Infertility is the inability to bear children it is one of the primary objective of marriage when this objective is not seen the marriage get terminated.

(19) Sexual Incompatibility.

Sexual Incompatibility is when one party is sexually active while the other party doesn’t have sexual active interest. 

In this kind of scenario, one partner is usually not satisfied. This lead to a problem, and one party may decide to be involved in extramarital affairs or terminate the marriage. 

(20) Equality Of Sexes.

It can seem that nowadays, women’s role has practically changed from being in the kitchen and house to working-class mothers; they can now help financially. 

They no longer depend on their husband for financial needs. Some start equating themselves with the man, and this attitude caused friction and result to divorce. 


It is crucial that marriage has no formula, and there is no perfect marriage in the world. Every relationship has its shortcomings, but how you go about it will help to avoid divorce matters. 

Again divorce is not a solution to family problems and marriage. Please find out the problem and tackles it together. Please do not compare your partner with others because they are not the same.

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Why do marriages fail in Nigeria?

Infidelity. This is no doubt one of the leading reasons why Nigerian marriages fail. Let us also say that both sexes are guilty of it.

What are the causes of marriage failure?

International studies have found that marrying too young, communication problems, incompatibility, spousal abuse, drug and alcohol use, religious differences, failures to get along, lack of love, lack of commitment, and childlessness are all highly endorsed reasons for divorce.

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