Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Story — Reading improves our focus and allows us to see things from a different angle. Reading allows us to develop as individuals. It is beneficial to connect with the author.

An author has the power to change someone’s mind. He or she has the ability to alter the reader’s perception of something.

Some people enjoy reading romance novels, while others prefer thrillers or action novels, autobiographies, and self-help books. These self-help books aid in personal development. They describe the author’s struggle in order for us to learn from it. Grant Cardone, our topic for today, is one such author.

Born in the year 1958 on May 21 in the United States of America to Curtis Louis Cardone and Concetta Neil Cardone, Grant has a total of four siblings. Three elder siblings and one younger. Grant is a twin child, and his brother’s name is Gary. He went to LaGrange High School to complete his schooling year and later went to McNeese State University to complete his college.

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone Story

He graduated from McNeese State University in the year 1981 and was later awarded McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award in the year 2010.

Grant Cardone is married to Dirty Love’s actor Elena Lyons. Dirty Love is a one-and-a-half-hour-long romantic comedy directed by John Asher. The author and the actor couple have two daughters whose names are Scarlett and Sabrina, and Grant Cardone is also a member of the church.

Grant Cardone Story – Who Is He?

Grant Cardone is an author born in the United States. He attended McNeese State University and graduated in accounting in 1981. Six years after his college, he decided not to go for accounting and went for something else. He went to Chicago, Illinois, where he worked in a sales training company in the year 1987.

After working in a sales company, he went to Houston, Texas, United States, where he settled for a total period of five years before shifting to La Jolla, a neighbourhood in California where he settled for a total of twelve years before finally settling in Los Angeles.

Grant Cardone

Along with all this traveling and settling, Grant became a drug addict and, at the age of twenty-five years, entered a rehab to treat his drug problem. At the age of thirty, he left rehab, and by that time he became a millionaire.

Grant Cardone’s Career

Grant started earning his wealth by working in automobile sales and later got a huge opportunity of working as the CEO of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. He was also seen in Turnaround King. The show was aired on National Geographic in 2011 and was rated 9 by IMDb. Over the course, Grant became the owner of several enterprises, such as Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Acquisitions. Cardone Training Technologies and The Cardone Group are also owned by him only.

Grant Cardone has also authored several books, such as ‘If You’re Not First, You’re Last,’ which was published in 2010, and ‘The Billionaire Booklet,’ which was published in 2016. He is also the author of ‘The 10X Rule’ and ‘Sell Or Be Sold,’ which were published in 2011. His If You’re Not First, You’re the Last book was number 1 on Amazon and was a hit at Barnes and Noble. It was New York Times bestseller.

He was also in “The G&E Show” along with his wife, Elena Lyons. The series is produced by the couple only. He was ranked seven on the global list of 500 most influential CEOs in the world in the year 2016 and was titled as #1 marketer to watch in the year 2017 by Forbes Magazine. If You’re Not First You’re the Last author, Grant Cardone’s home was also included in How’d You Get So Rich?

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone has a net worth of $600 million. His real estate business is made entirely by him only. The company has made several deals worth billions of dollars and is still involved in transactions worth billions. Today Cardone’s company is the owner of $2.7 billion worth of property in the United States.

Cardone started his real estate business at the age of 29. In the beginning, he bought a single-family home which was later rented out and later sold the property. After five years of selling his first property, he bought a multi-unit complex worth $1.9 million in San Diego with a down payment of $350,000. By 2012 he became the owner of more than one thousand complexes worth $58 million.

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