Kim Kardashian is famous for being a reality star and entrepreneur, but early in her career, she also tried making a name for herself in Hollywood. She has been in a handful of movies, but one of them, particularly “Disaster Movie,” has ranked #1 on IMDb’s list of “Bottom 100 Lowest Rated” films. It’s a movie parodying mid-2000s movies like “Juno,” “Enchanted,” and “The Dark Knight” where a bunch of 20-somethings tried dodging natural disasters. The fashion mogul starred as a character named Lisa.

In fairness to Kim, the movie isn’t exactly something she’s proud of — in fact, she’d rather forget that she ever took part in it. When she was a participant in ABC’s “Big Fan,” she admitted that she doesn’t want to be reminded of her role, especially the way her character died: being crushed by a meteor. “I’m mortified, if you have the clip. I can’t watch,” she said at the time, per Life & Style.

While acting is admittedly not Kim’s forte, famous director and producer Tyler Perry has seen her potential and believes that she can make it big if she puts work into it. “It depends on the role and the amount of work that she’s willing to put into it,” he told Access in 2012. “She certainly has what it takes to make it happen.”

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