During his time on-air, Howard Stern has slammed a number of celebrities, and has become synonymous for roasting public figures. It didn’t sit well with Adam Sandler that at one point, he was the pit of Stern’s jokes. Stern publicly humiliated Sandler by repeatedly slamming his movies and criticizing his acting. Us Weekly reported that in 2012, Stern acknowledged his berating of Sandler on his podcast by saying, “I know Adam Sandler won’t come on the show because I’ve, in the past, criticized his movies. … I guess that’s the reason, but am I the only one criticizing the content in his movies?”

The two had an awkward encounter on an airplane and avoided one another, but continued to cast shade behind the scenes. In 2015, Sandler admitted to Stern that his feelings were deeply hurt by his commentary, and he explained that the bad reviews had an impact on him at the time. “When I was at NYU freshman year, I loved you. That’s why it was weird when you used to slam me. It would break my heart because I loved you growing up,” Sandler said.

Stern remorsefully responded, “I always felt bad about all the years we didn’t speak, I really did, because I was a total f***ing a**hole.” Stern and Sandler officially buried the hatchet in 2015 when Sandler made his first-ever appearance on “The Howard Stern Show.

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