Megan Fox's Message to 'Love Is Blind' Star Chelsea Blackwell
  • Megan Fox’s response to the backlash over Chelsea Blackwell’s comparisons to her was covered by Entertainment Weekly.
  • HuffPost reported on Megan Fox’s thoughts on the situation, highlighting her support for Blackwell and her personal experience with bullying.
  • People Magazine also covered Megan Fox’s reaction to the drama, noting her lack of familiarity with “Love Is Blind” but her awareness of the controversy.
  • E! News provided further details on Megan Fox’s stance, including her concern for Blackwell’s well-being.

Megan Fox’s reaction to the comparison between her and Chelsea Blackwell, a star of the Netflix series “Love Is Blind,” has been a topic of discussion and concern among fans and media outlets. The incident began when Blackwell, during one of her dates in the show’s pods, mentioned to her ex-fiancé Jimmy Presnell that she had been told she looked like a certain celebrity, without mentioning Fox’s name. Presnell, surprised, identified the celebrity as Megan Fox, leading to a series of events that sparked significant attention and debate.

Love Is Blind: Chelsea Apologizes to Megan Fox Over Viral Comments

Fox, who is not a regular viewer of “Love Is Blind,” expressed her surprise and the extent of the attention she received regarding the matter. She mentioned that she had never had more people text her about something, indicating the widespread interest and speculation about the comparison. This attention even extended to her being approached at events like the Academy Awards, where other celebrities inquired about her views on the show.

Despite the controversy, Fox has shown support for Blackwell, stating that she did not think Blackwell deserved the backlash she received. Fox emphasized that no one deserves to be bullied and expressed concern over the intensity of the criticism Blackwell faced. She also clarified that she had not watched the show but was aware of the situation through the texts and conversations she had with others.

The incident highlighted the public’s fascination with the comparison between the two women, leading to a variety of reactions on social media and among celebrities. Blackwell, in response to the controversy, apologized to Fox, although the specifics of their interaction were not disclosed.

Megan Fox’s reaction to the comparison with Chelsea Blackwell was one of support and concern for the backlash Blackwell faced. Fox expressed her surprise at the attention the incident received and defended Blackwell against the criticism, emphasizing that no one deserves to be bullied for such a comparison.

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