Mide Martins' Insults Led to Habibat Jinad's Skin Bleaching

Habibat Jinad, a prominent actress in the Yoruba film industry, has publicly shared her experience of being pressured into skin bleaching due to the insults and bullying from her senior colleague, Mide Martins. This revelation came to light during an interview on Biola Bayo’s talk show, “Talk To B,” where Jinad detailed the incident that led to her decision to bleach her skin.

The incident occurred on the set of a movie directed by Mide Martins’ husband, Afeez Owo. Jinad recounted that she was unjustly punished for a colleague’s mistake, which she did not commit. During this situation, Mide Martins allegedly insulted her skin color in front of the entire crew, likening her complexion to that of a monkey. These derogatory remarks deeply affected Jinad, leading her to consider skin bleaching as a means to conform to societal standards of beauty.

Mide Martins' Insults Led to Habibat Jinad's Skin Bleaching
Mide Martins’ Insults Led to Habibat Jinad’s Skin Bleaching

Jinad explained that she was not the one who committed the mistake that led to the punishment, but she was made to kneel along with others involved. Mide Martins, who was present during this incident, made derogatory comments about Jinad’s skin color, stating that it was too dark. This comment, along with the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards, prompted Jinad to contemplate skin bleaching.

The actress’s decision to bleach her skin was not a permanent one. Jinad had previously stated that she would no longer continue to use bleaching cream, indicating a shift in her stance towards the practice. She expressed her commitment to not being bullied into using bleaching cream again, emphasizing her desire to be comfortable with her natural skin color.


The incident has sparked discussions about body shaming and the pressures faced by individuals in the entertainment industry, particularly those with darker skin tones. Jinad’s story highlights the broader issue of societal beauty standards and the impact of bullying and insults on individuals’ self-esteem and decisions about their appearance.

In response to the incident, Jinad’s interview with Biola Bayo has garnered reactions from the public, with some expressing support for her decision to stop bleaching and others questioning the appropriateness of discussing such personal matters in public. The conversation has also prompted discussions about the role of societal beauty standards and the need for more inclusivity and acceptance of natural skin tones in the entertainment industry.

This incident serves as a reminder of the pressures faced by individuals in the public eye, especially those who do not conform to traditional beauty standards. It underscores the importance of addressing body shaming and promoting self-acceptance and diversity in beauty standards.

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