Lizzo Returns to Red Carpet After Harassment Lawsuits
  • Lizzo’s controversial ‘I Quit’ post led to speculation about her retirement from music, but she clarified that she was not leaving the music industry.
  • The controversy stemmed from a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, which Lizzo denied and claimed were “sensationalized” stories.
  • Lizzo’s clarification was made through a video where she emphasized her commitment to music and connecting with people, stating that she was not alone in experiencing negative voices.

Lizzo Returns to Red Carpet After Harassment Lawsuits, the Grammy Award-winning singer, made her first red carpet appearance since the controversy surrounding her “I Quit” post and the subsequent discrimination and harassment lawsuits. This significant moment marked a turning point in her career, as she faced backlash from allegations of misconduct from former dancers and a wardrobe stylist.

Lizzo Returns to Red Carpet After Harassment Lawsuits
Lizzo Returns to Red Carpet After Harassment Lawsuits

The controversy began when Lizzo posted a message on Instagram on March 30, expressing her frustration with the negative attention she was receiving from the world, leading many fans to speculate that she was ending her music career. However, Lizzo clarified that she was not quitting the music industry but rather quitting “giving any negative energy attention” 13. She emphasized the joy of making music and connecting with people, stating that she was not alone in experiencing negative voices that seemed louder than the positive ones. Lizzo’s goal was to inspire or motivate someone to stand up for themselves and quit letting negative people or comments win.

The allegations of misconduct came from former dancers who claimed they had been sexually harassed and body-shamed while working with Lizzo. Lizzo denied these allegations, stating that they were “sensationalized” stories from “former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional”.

Lizzo’s first red carpet appearance since the controversy was at the Los Angeles premiere of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé” concert documentary. She made a statement with her outfit, a two-piece Harry Halim ensemble that included a white crop top, ruffled skirt, and an oversized, off-the-shoulder jacket, paired with lace-up stilettos and diamond jewels. Her appearance was met with positive reactions, and she shared a picture of her glamorous look on Instagram with a silver emoji.

This red carpet appearance marked a significant moment for Lizzo, as it was her first public appearance since facing the allegations of harassment and discrimination. The event was attended by several A-Listers, including Gabrielle Union, Tyler Perry, Kris Jenner, Tia Mowry, and Halle Bailey, who came together to celebrate Beyoncé’s “Renaissance”.

Lizzo’s return to the red carpet and her clarification on the “I Quit” post demonstrate her resilience and commitment to her music career. Despite the challenges she faced, Lizzo continues to make music and connect with her fans, using her platform to inspire and uplift others.

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