Who Is Tiktoker Michael Tizzyent?

Who Is Tiktoker Michael Tizzyent? On TikTok, Tizzyent became embroiled in controversy and drama. His tweets and actions have been labeled as racist and misogynistic.

Tizzyent is a TikTok celebrity who is a filmmaker, editor, writer, and director from the United States. He also has a sizable Instagram following, with over 147k followers and 4.4k posts.

Who Is Tiktoker Michael Tizzyent?
Who Is Tiktoker Michael Tizzyent?

After exposing a national vaccination scam earlier this year, he went viral on the internet. After learning that fake vaccination cards were being sold online, Tizzyent discovered a scam involving COVID vaccinations.


Tizzyent Controversy and Drama On TikTok: What Happened?

Tizzyent has landed himself in controversy and drama on TikTok after several people called him a racist and a pedophile.

He recently took TikTok to talk about the controversy and drama. The video has over 280.8k views and 16.8k likes so far. 

When he had about 100k followers and was mostly making lip-syncing videos, a girl frequently commented negative things and called him a pedophile on his videos. After he reached out to her, she responded with more hate comments. 


i don’t want people attacked & I want to focus to go back in real change.

♬ original sound – TizzyEnt


Tizzyent then posted a video about her and her boyfriends, after which she started receiving a lot of hate. The girl was about ten years out.

He apologized for his past behavior and said that he did not know his actions would have these consequences. Tizzyent revealed that he is taking time off TikTok to reflect on his behavior and mistakes. 

People commented on the video, saying he is just lying and not taking accountability for his actions. 

Tizzyent Racism And Pedophilia Accusations Revealed

One Twitter user, @soylolarey, tweeted about Tizzyent’s past tweets. She explained that the tweets contained racism, violence against the homeless people, trans-animus, misogyny, se*ual violence, and pedophilia. 



She revealed that the tweets do explain his most recent offenses on TikTok. One user commented that it is shocking how someone who is openly and blatantly racist goes unpunished. 

Even after Tizzyent’s apology, people are not convinced about it. They believe that he is just making excuses rather than accepting the mistakes. 

Meet Tizzyent On TikTok: What Is His Real Name?

Tizzyent is active on TikTok under the username @tizzyent. He has more than 3.9 million followers and 88.6 million likes on his TikTok account. He posts his opinions on politics and real-life topics. 

He uploads videos on TikTok relating to current affairs and viral topics. With a great sense of humor and sarcasm, he is not afraid to voice his opinion.

Tizzyent’s real name is Michael Mc.

Who Is Tiktoker Michael Tizzyent?

Tizzyent is a video creator in Tiktok who has over 2 million followers on the platform.

Till now, he has had more than 49 million likes on the videos that he has posted. In his Tiktok bio, Tizzyent has mentioned that he is a filmmaker and a fisherman.

TikTok has a great sense of humor and gives sarcastic replies to videos that present some serious topics. He is not afraid to give his opinions that might be taken well by his followers sometimes, but most of the time, his followers find him hilarious.

Various media platforms recently praised the Tiktoker after he helped reveal the ongoing scam by an anti-vax woman who sold vaccination cards for a couple of hundred dollars so that people can be registered even without being vaccinated.

Tizzyent Real Name

Tizzyent is famous for his quirky username, but his real name is Michael, although he has not revealed his surname yet.

He hasn’t disclosed much about himself to his fans but is quite a straightforward and opinionated person who shares his ideology on social media.

Michael earned himself appreciation when he found out an Instagrammer, Jasmine Clifford, openly selling a fake vaccination card on her page. She was even looking to expand her business by asking hospital and pharmacy workers to contact her.

The Tiktokker then contacted the anti-vaxxer posing as a Walgreen employee and got into the root of the scam. Clifford told him that she has a person in New York who would enter names of unvaccinated people in the database.

Tizzyent reported the scam to the FBI, and the woman has been charged with felony regarding the counterfeit vaccination cards.

Tizzyent Age: How Old Is He?

Despite his fame on TikTok, Tizzyent has not revealed much about himself, including his age.

However, he seems like a mature man in his forties, but that is just an estimated number.

Michael must have got the knack for Tiktok videos because he is a filmmaker himself, and he found out that the platform has proved suitable to spread anything faster due to its popularity worldwide.

Find Tizzyent On Instagram

Tizzyent is on Instagram and has over 106 thousand followers.

Even if he has more users on his TikTok account, Michael loves to share similar posts on his IG page. The content creator receives a lot of hate for his posts but is still unstoppable from putting out his opinion on the internet.

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