THIS is the chilling moment Logan Mwangi’s teenage killer calmly told cops to “get the f*** out of my room”.

Craig Mulligan, 14, was yesterday named for the first time after he was convicted of murdering the five-year-old with his stepfather John Cole, 40, and stepmother Angharad Williamson, 31.

South Wales Police

Police footage shows the moment Logan Mwangi’s teenage killer was arrested[/caption]

South Wales Police

Craig Mulligan showed no fear as police arrived – before bending over the staircase and telling detectives to ‘get the f***out of my room’[/caption]

Mulligan moved in permanently with Logan just five days before the schoolboy’s death – despite threatening to kill him.

His foster parents described him as “pure evil” after he tortured their dog and told girls he wanted to play a “murder game” and put them in “black bags”.

New footage of the moment he was arrested has been released by South Wales Police.

It shows officers entering the home on August 1, 2021. They speak with Cole and Williamson before heading to Mulligan’s room, where he had been playing Call of Duty.

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Logan Mwangi’s ‘pure evil’ teen killer revealed for first time as he’s jailed

He is arrested – before arrogantly telling cops in a flat tone to “get the f*** out” and warning them: “I’m not messing.”

Further footage from inside the police station shows the murderer answering questions in a prison-issue tracksuit.

He says he doesn’t know what happened to Logan – but claims to have woken as he heard Williamson saying: “Logan is dead.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night then dad come into the living room with me,” he told the officers.

“I know I weren’t meant to do it but we grabbed some of the rubbish in the back garden and we’ve chucked it in the river.

“It was all in, like, black bags and everything. I don’t know what was in the bags – I can’t remember. Then about 20 minutes after, we went back out to check whether they’d gone down.

“We didn’t say anything – we were trying to be as quiet as we could because we didn’t want to wake Logan or Angharad.”

In her own interview, Williamson told cops Cole and Craig had abused Logan. When questioned on the claim, the teenager replied: “Can you tell my mum to f*** off?

“She’s trying to blame me and my dad for everything when we haven’t done anything. Neither has my dad. Now I’m just sick of this.


Logan, five, was beaten to death before his body was dumped in the river near his home[/caption]

South Wales Police

The little one had started to self-harm after suffering through escalating violence in his home[/caption]

“She’s just saying whatever she wants to get out of the **** herself.”

Cole had been in a relationship with Mulligan’s mother, later becoming her carer.

The teen was taken into care, although his foster parents asked for him to be removed because they were “scared” of him.

The teen was jailed on Thursday for 15 years. Cole was sentenced to 29 years and Williamson 28 years. 

Logan, previously a “smiling, cheerful little boy”, suffered a series of devastating injuries before his body, still in pyjamas, was found dumped in the River Ogmore in Bridgend last July.

Mulligan assaulted Logan either because he was instructed to do so by John Cole or to emulate John Cole and win his approval

Judge Mrs Justice Jefford

In the weeks leading up to his death, he had been “dehumanised” by his family, who subjected him to bizarre ‘punishments’.

His stammer significantly worsened around Cole and he began self-harming.

Social workers visited Logan’s house the day before he died, and took no action in May 2021 when he burned his neck on a hot bath tap.

They were also aware that Cole had a criminal record for violence, it was said.

Judge Mrs Justice Jefford said yesterday it’s of “significant public interest” to learn why Mulligan had moved into the family’s home.

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“A key aspect of this case is the relationship between Craig Mulligan and John Cole. He idolised his father. His attitude towards Logan and involvement in his death was driven by that relationship,” she said.

“He assaulted Logan either because he was instructed to do so by John Cole or to emulate John Cole and win his approval.”

South Wales Police

Police footage also captured the moment his lying mother Angharad faked hysteria and screamed: ‘Where is Logan?’[/caption]


A judge said Mulligan’s relationship with his stepfather John Cole is at the heart of the violence Logan suffered[/caption]

Mulligan assaulted the little boy ‘either because he was instructed to do’, or to ’emulate’ Cole and ‘win his approval’, it was said
Cole was known to be a violent man, but Logan was not removed from the family home
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