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Outer Banks, a Netflix YA series, has just finished season three, but season four has already been ordered. In the season three finale, the Pogues return to the OBX from South America after winning the gold of El Dorado and receiving praise from the locals.

They are then suggested to go on another thrilling adventure with Edward Teach (also known as Blackbeard), which brings us to an important plot development for the upcoming season. But, in season four, what is Blackbeard’s relationship to the Pogues, and who is he? Continue reading to learn everything we know.

Who is Edward Teach Outer Banks?

After collecting the priceless treasure in the City of Gold, El Dorado, John B, Sarah, JJ, Kie, Pope, and Cleo return to the Outer Banks at the end of season three and take in a rare sense of tranquility. The Pogues tried to lead quiet lives for the time being, but it probably won’t last for very long because John B is given a manuscript and a suggestion to look for riches in Edward Teach’s diary.

According to the Royal Museum Greenwich, Edward Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard, was a real-life pirate who is thought to have sailed the West Indies and the Caribbean in the late 1600s. The exhibit states that the $12.5 million treasure that Blackbeard abandoned after the British Royal Navy attacked his ship in 1718 is what made him most famous.

In November of the same year, the British Royal Navy decapitated the pirate, ending his life. According to legend, the treasure is still missing and was probably abandoned at Charleston, South Carolina, or Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, both in the Outer Banks.

What Happened in the Final Episode of Outer Banks Season Three?

What Happened in the Final Episode of Outer Banks Season Three
What Happened In The Final Episode Of Outer Banks Season Three

Ward takes the group on a private aircraft to South America in the first scene of the third season’s last episode of Outer Banks. Once they land, Sarah tells Ward to leave them. John B and Sarah start looking for Big John, John B’s father who Carlos Singh has abducted.

He tells his son that he has located the treasure after saving Big John, and the three of them immediately head to a boat to search for it. Ward has apparently paid for the yacht even though he doesn’t seem to have gone. They board the boat as a group of four and set out for El Dorado.

After a brief quarrel or two between the two fathers, they continue on their trek. Singh then stops them and shoots Big John before threatening to kill the entire group. Sarah and John B continue on their trip until they reach El Dorado, where they discover the gold bag. They encounter Singh, who appears to be intent on killing them, as they attempt to flee.

Big John, who just so happened to have a bomb on him, detonates a bomb before Singh has a chance to do so, destroying the Ancient City and, of course, Singh. The other Pogues rush to John B, Sarah, Big John, and Ward after hearing the explosion at another location.

The four of them make their way down the mountain after surviving the explosion, with John B and Sarah displaying the gold and demonstrating to Big John that he was correct about the location. When they seem to be enjoying a pleasant family time, Ward turns on them and shoots Big John. The rest of the party attacks Ward while watching from the shadows.

One of Singh’s goons appears and threatens to kill Sarah just as Sarah seems to convince Ward to stop killing them. As they are about to tumble down a cliff, Ward leaps in front of Sarah to save her life and kills the henchman quickly. Big John begins to lose a lot of blood, and while the group tries to bring him to safety, he tragically passes away on the boat.

The trio is praised by the island for discovering the treasure and solving the riddle as the show ends with an 18-month time leap. As the show’s climax approaches, an older guy approaches the group, introduces himself, and requests assistance with a ship’s log belonging to Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard. The unidentified man replies, “I would look into it myself, but I’m getting on in years. I’m looking for companions, and I came to you first.”

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Why was Edward B Teach known as Blackbeard?

He became a renowned pirate. His nickname derived from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance; he was reported to have tied lit fuses (slow matches) under his hat to frighten his enemies.

Who was Blackbeard Outer Banks?

Born in 1618, the English pirate Edward Teach was later given the name Blackbeard because of his frightening appearance and thick, black beard.

Why was Blackbeard so feared?

He and his crew attacked settlements in the Caribbean Sea and along the Atlantic Coast of North America. Blackbeard would plunder merchant ships, board them, and steal all of the gold, jewels, coins, food, liquor, and weapons.

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