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Switched at Birth, an American teen drama, premiered on ABC Family on June 6, 2011. The plot revolves around two teenagers who were switched at birth. They grew up in very different environments.

One grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, while the other came from a working-class family.

Bay Kennish is played by Vanessa Marano, lives in Kansas City, and through her school assignment, got to know that her blood type is not compatible with that of her parents. When she looked into it, she discovered that the hospital had accidentally switched her with Daphne at the time of their births.

Daphne is deaf and belongs to a working-class family, and is raised by her single mother and grandmother. Kennish family invites Daphne, along with her mother, Regina, to their home.

Switched at Birth

Kennish family got to know that they both are struggling financially, and they offered to stay at their guest house. Regina accepted the offer. After living together, both families started to understand the differences and similarities between them, and the girls struggled with their respective identities.

After staying together, both Bay and Daphne discovered that they inherited traits from each other’s mothers. Bay has Regina’s artistic talent, whereas Daphne has Kathryn’s love of cooking and John’s athletic nature.

Both mothers started bonding more with their biological daughters, who were not liked by the ones they raised. Today we are going to see who Bay chose in Switched at Birth. Let’s see with whom Bay ends up in Switched at Birth.

Who does Bay end up with in Switched at Birth?

Switched at Birth started airing on June 6, 2011, on ABC Family. The show’s last season, season 5, ended on April 11, 2017. The show ended on a note in which all the members of the show looked back at how the series started. The show’s final episode had several flashbacks of the Kennish and Vasquez families. Everyone found out that Bay and Daphne were switched at the time of their Birth. The flashback started because of Kathryn.

Kathryn got emotional when Regina decided to move out of the guesthouse. She wanted to revive that scene. Later, it happened again because Kathryn, when she learned that John knew about the switch between both the girls before she got to know, caused a fight between them.

Switched at Birth

Daphne stood up against a sports surgeon who discriminated against her. She stood up against a surgeon who said she couldn’t be a surgeon because she was deaf. Travis, who’s played by Ryan Lane, moved to Japan. He moved to Japan to pursue his career in baseball. Bay didn’t move with him but rather decided to stay together in a long-distance relationship. She also asked her ex-boyfriend, Emmett, to accompany his brother to Japan.

Regina, Daphne’s mother, also figured out her romantic life. She figured out her romantic future with Will. She convinced Will to turn himself in, and she also offered to raise his son when he was in prison, serving his time.

Regina also told Will that she would wait for him to get out of prison so that they could start their life again with a fresh beginning. Toby, on the other hand, finally decided to get rid of his unfulfilling DJ gigs and take up some sort of job that would help people with disabilities.

Switched at Birth’s creator, Lizzy Weiss said that there was a lot of discussion about Bay as a young woman and that the conversation kept getting framed as to which boy she was going to choose, and they all were very sensitive to them. He also said that Bay is a young woman in her own right.

Bay and Travis

At the end of the show, it was Bay and Travis. Both of them decided that they will do long distance relationship as Travis had to go to Japan for his baseball career. They reaffirmed their commitment to each other. Lizzy Weiss said that there were general decisions that they made, like that Bay and Travis stay together. But she didn’t know the exact moves of the story until they were faced with that at the moment.

Lizzy also knew that they would shake up John and Kathryn one last time and remind everyone that they’re the center and they will not be moved as a couple. But a lot of it they decided at the moment after many, many weeks of throwing things around, said the show’s creator.

It clearly shows that Bay and Travis were always meant to be together, but how was not decided. They just moved along with the story line.

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Does Bay Kennish end up with Travis?

Travis asks Bay to move to Japan with him where he got a job as a professional baseball player but she decides to stay home because she is just starting a new career but that she knows they will survive a long-distance relationship and that she loves him.

How many deaf actors were in Switched at Birth?

The two main deaf characters are Daphne and Emmett. One of them is deaf in real life, the other is slightly hard of hearing and grew up unaffected by it.

What happens to Travis in Switched at Birth?

In Switched at Birth, Travis is shown to be a janitor, but he and Daphne get into an argument, and she ends up informing the main office. Because of this, Travis is fired from his job.

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