TEEN Mom fans buzzed about Jenelle Evans’ seemingly “genuine smile” in a rare photo with kids Ensley and Kaiser.

The star has three children: Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley.

Teen Mom fans gushed over Jenelle Evans' "genuine smile" in a photo with her kids


Teen Mom fans gushed over Jenelle Evans’ “genuine smile” in a photo with her kidsCredit: Instagram
Many gushed that the pair were the spitting image of their parents


Many gushed that the pair were the spitting image of their parentsCredit: YouTube/Jenelle Eason

Jenelle, 30, snapped a sweet photo alongside son Kaiser and daughter Ensley.

In the photo, the former MTV star hugged her mom while Kaiser threw up a peace sign and pulled a funny face to the side of them.

The trio was cuddled in close, with Jenelle smiling big in the center.

The photo was shared to Reddit, where fans who are typically critical of Jenelle said they saw “hope.”

Teen Mom star David reacts to Jenelle after she told him 'shut the f**k up'
Teen Mom Jenelle's son Jace, 12, looks unrecognizable in new photo

One commenter wrote: “Well I will be nice today her kids are so cute and Jenelle looks happy. Honestly she might have hope for a future if she could just leave David.”

Another replied: “I was thinking the same, a real smile for once!”

Others noted how “cute” and “precious” the children were, while some were simply happy to see them – specifically Kaiser, who doesn’t feature heavily on his mom’s social media.

“Wow, the kids are so cute! And dare I say Jenelle looks genuinely happy here,” one fan wrote.

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Many pointed out that the duo are the spitting image of one parent, with Kaiser being dad Nathan Griffith’s mini and Ensley being Jenelle’s.


Fans called them a “mini Nathan and mini Jenelle.”

On Reddit, one user wrote: “Kaiser looks like Nathan literally spit him out.”

Another wrote: “Kaiser looks so much like Nathan. I wonder if it bothers David how much he looks like Nathan.”

Of Ensley, a Reddit user wrote: “Ensley is a copy paste of Jenelle. Good lord.”

Fans have made similar comments about Jace, Jenelle’s oldest son, lately.

While several people pointed out how happy Jenelle seems, she has been facing an uncomfortable situation in her marriage.


The ex Teen Mom and her hubby David Eason recently fell out on TikTok, where eagle-eyed fans took notice.

They have since blocked on another on the platform.

Jenelle told David to “shut the f**k up” before barring him from viewing her platform.

After the fact, David confessed that he has “no clue what a pronounce is” after imitating a trans woman in a video.

The controversial TV figure made a post on TikTok in which he appeared sporting a dark t-shirt and a baseball cap with an American flag on it. 

He asked: “What are my pronouns?”

The ex-Teen Mom 2 star answered himself: “I have no god d**ned clue what a pronoun is right now because I am drunk.”

David continued on his rant: “So what the f**k do you mean ‘What are my pronouns?'”

The star concluded: “Help me, and I’ll answer you, but what is a f**king pronoun?”

David captioned his post: “A pro what?”

In the comments, David came under fire from fans for his “mean,” “uneducated,” and “judgmental” post. 

One fan referred to a post David’s wife Jenelle shared, saying “Jenelle said, ‘Wash the f**king dishes and shut the f**k up.’ Maybe you should listen to her.”

David responded: “What can I say, I’m a rebel.”


Early in the week, David took to TikTok to share a clip of a trans influencer named Olivia – which is what fans seemed to be referencing.

He re-shared the woman’s post, which showed her sitting with a friend in the park saying: “F**k you David Eason, like for real.”

David then spliced himself into the video to hit back, mocking the woman’s laugh and sarcastically giggling as he said: “That was so funny.”

Jenelle’s husband captioned his post: “This man dressed like a woman keeps tagging me talking s**t.

David continued in part, apparently not using the trans woman’s preferred pronouns on purpose: “Then he has the nerve to tag me in a whole other video about how he ‘would never come to my page and dump on me.’ Like mf that’s what you just did!”

Then, in a second video, David re-shared yet another post from Olivia where she asked her fans: “Wouldn’t you just want to be with somebody that thrives and just supports everybody and goes with the flow with everything?”

Jenelle shared a video on her own TikTok amid the outrage over David’s posts. 

She wore a hoodie with her hair down as metal music played.

She mouthed the words: “Wash the f**king dishes and shut the f**k up.”

Jenelle wrote into the video: “When I tell my husband to stop arguing with people online.”

And she playfully captioned it, “Only I can make fun of him.”

David has faced similar backlash in the past.

Fans recently made similar comments about Jenelle's older son Jace


Fans recently made similar comments about Jenelle’s older son JaceCredit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans
The ex Teen Mom has been going at it with her husband on TikTok


The ex Teen Mom has been going at it with her husband on TikTokCredit: TikTok/Jenelle Evans
The drama began after she bashed him for an anti-trans post on the platform


The drama began after she bashed him for an anti-trans post on the platformCredit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans

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