What Is Wrong With Chris Simon Teeth? Reason Behind His Suspension

Chris Simon’s Teeth Issue and Suspension For Breaking David Babcock’s Teeth, the former NHL enforcer, was embroiled in an incident during the 1990-91 OHL season where he broke David Babcock’s teeth. The altercation ensued when Simon struck Babcock in the face, causing the breakage of seven teeth and necessitating 21 stitches to close a cut.

Moreover, Simon garnered multiple suspensions throughout his hockey career for various on-ice incidents, underscoring a pattern of aggressive play and rule infractions.

Chris Simon's Teeth Issue and Suspension For Breaking David Babcock’s Teeth
Chris Simon’s Teeth Issue and Suspension For Breaking David Babcock’s Teeth

Chris Simon, a professional ice hockey left winger, gained notoriety for his actions resulting in the injury to David Babcock’s teeth. Born to John, a member of the Ojibwe descent from Manitoulin Island, Simon’s journey through life was characterized by both triumphs and challenges.

Simon faced a tough battle with alcohol addiction, but he found hope and support under the mentorship of future Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders coach Ted Nolan.

Amid financial difficulties, including bankruptcy filings in 2017 attributed to hockey-related injuries, Simon’s life was often surrounded by arguments and disputes.

Sadly, Simon’s journey came to an unexpected end with his sudden demise on March 18, 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Simon’s hockey career was marked by both success and controversy. One of the well-known incidents was his suspension for injuring David Babcock in the face, which resulted in the breakage of seven teeth.
  • Despite facing struggles with alcohol addiction and financial difficulties, Simon found support under the mentorship of Ted Nolan, a future NHL coach, highlighting the importance of guidance and mentorship in overcoming challenges.
  • Throughout his NHL career, Simon was suspended eight times for various on-ice incidents, totaling 65 games. 

Chris Simon’s Teeth Issue and Suspension For Breaking David Babcock’s Teeth

Simon gained notoriety for his aggressive style of play, particularly his tendency towards hostile behavior on the ice. Despite not experiencing dental issues himself, Chris Simon infamously injured another player during a game.

One significant incident occurred during the 1990-91 OHL season when Simon received a 12-game suspension for striking David Babcock in the face. This resulted in Babcock suffering seven broken teeth and requiring 21 stitches to close a cut.

Another infamous incident took place in 2007 when Simon injured New York Rangers forward Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick during a game. This occurred after Hollweg hit Simon from behind, causing him to crash into the boards and sustain a concussion.

In retaliation, Simon swung his hockey stick at Hollweg’s face as he skated past, resulting in a match penalty for attempting to injure Hollweg. As a consequence, Simon was ejected from the game, while Hollweg received a cut on his chin that required two stitches.

Chris Simon Was Suspended Eight Times During His NHL Career

Chris Simon accumulated multiple suspensions during his hockey career, including one lasting 12 games. This particular suspension occurred during the 1990-91 OHL season when he slashed another player in the face, resulting in seven broken teeth and requiring 21 stitches.

In another incident against the Edmonton Oilers in 1997, Simon received a three-game suspension for striking his opponent with his stick. During the game, Simon deliberately tripped his opponent’s leg and then stomped on the back of their right leg with his skate. Referee Justin St. Pierre witnessed the incident and issued Simon a match penalty for attempting to injure, leading to his ejection from the game.

Following this incident, Simon voluntarily took indefinite paid leave from the team, acknowledging that there was “no excuse” for his actions and expressing the need for time away from hockey. However, the following day, he was suspended without pay for 30 games, marking it as the third-longest suspension for an on-ice incident in modern NHL history. Subsequently, he was benched for the remainder of the season, including playoffs, with a minimum of 25 games.

In addition to these incidents, Simon faced several other bans for various on-ice infractions, totaling 65 games throughout his NHL career. Renowned for his hostile demeanor, Simon frequently engaged in on-ice altercations, including fights and rule violations. He was accused of aggressive checking, dangerous use of his stick, and intentionally causing harm to other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old was Chris Simon?

Once one of hockey’s most feared players, Chris Simon was 52 years old at his demise.

2. Who was Chris Simon married to?

Simon first married Lauri Smith, with whom he had one child. After divorcing Lauri, Simon married his second wife, Valerie, with whom he had four children. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2017.

3. What mental health challenges did Chris Simon face?

Former NHL enforcer and Capitals forward Chris Simon was reportedly suffering from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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