Top 10 Best Stadiums In The Football World

There have been numerous technological advancements in stadium architecture and design in recent years, but technology alone does not make a stadium great. The best football clubs in the world are known for their atmosphere and the history that has been achieved in them.

To make a stadium great, there must be a fine balance of a world-class facility and unlimited fan passion.

Top 10 Best Stadiums In The World

1.  Wembley

Location: United Kingdom

Wembley Stadium is the most iconic stadium in the world. It was first built in 1923 then rebuilt and reopened in 2007. The stadium is beautiful, and all of the facilities are world-class, but what makes Wembley Stadium unique is the atmosphere.

Wembley Stadium is a fantastic venue, and the sheer passion of the fans is something that must be experienced rather than described.

Furthermore, Wembley Stadium hosts football games – special games for special occasions. This magnificent arena is home to the England National Team.

The capacity of Wembley Stadium is 90,000 people. The Wembley Arch is the stadium’s symbol; it is also known as “The Home of Football.”

2.  The Allianz Arena

Location: Germany

The Allianz Arena is one of the best stadiums in the world for its beautiful design, electric environment, and the level of football that is played there.

Allianz Arena is home to both Munich-based football teams: Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. Notably, the stadium is lit Red when Bayern Munich plays.

This stadium is unique in its color changing feature; although there have been several copies built all over the world; some very identical, while others loosely resembling it.

So much history has been made at this stadium; it has seen several victory parades as Bayern Munich has won trophy after trophy for so many years.

3. Old Trafford

Location: Manchester United Kingdom

Old Trafford is the home ground of the famous Manchester United. This is a glorious stadium; one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe. The stadium has everything you could want in a great arena; it has history- it was built in 1910 and then renovated and expanded in 2006.

Old Trafford still has that electric atmosphere even though Manchester United’s fortunes have dwindled in recent years. Even with a curious trophy drought, the stadium still has some moments of magic for which it is called “The Theatre of Dreams.”

Those moments of magic have been witnessed by teeming fans who have received them with great applause. Old Trafford has a capacity of 75,000 fans; it is one of the most revered sporting grounds in the world.

4. Camp Nou

Location: Catalona, Spain

Camp Nou is the stadium of Barcelona Football Club; one of the most successful football club’s in the world. Camp Nou is many things; it is Europe’s largest football stadium with a capacity of 98,757 people. Camp Nou is one the arenas where the best football in the world is played.

Camp Nou (and Barcelona Football Club) is more than just a place where football is played; it is a ground of Catalan identity. This is where the people of Catalona come to identify with one another, and with their club, and with the tikitaka football they created.

Furthermore, Camp Nou has witnessed more trophy parades than most other clubs have seen; this ground has also seen some some of most spectacular displays of football genius such as by Ronaldinho, Messi, and Maradona.

5. Estadio Azteca

Location:  Mexico

Estadio Azteca is one of the most historic stadiums in the world. The ground is huge; it has a capacity to hold 104,000 people, and the atmosphere is absolutely terrific.

Estadio Azteca is one stadium where the fans of both opposing teams merge into one huge crowd and perform the iconic Mexican wave.

The roar of the crowd when a goal is scored is something to behold; the noise rises into the sky, and can be heard miles away.

This stadium has seen a lot of history; it is the place where Diego Maradona performed his infamous “Hand of God” goal that will never be forgotten or forgiven by the England fans.

The Estadio Azteca in Mexico is one of the stadiums where one should attend a game at least once in his life.

6. Santiago Bernabeu

Location: Spain

The Santiago Bernabeu is home to Real Madrid football club. If Real Madrid is the King of Clubs, then the Santiago Bernabeu should ideally be the King of Stadiums.

Real Madrid has thoroughly conquered Europe, and world football, and has won a record number of La Liga Titles. This stadium has seen more victory parades than any most other clubs in Europe.

The stadium was first opened in 1947, and has since then been renovated twice; in 1982 and 2001. The stadium has seen greatness demonstrated by players like Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Santiago Bernabeu is notable for demanding excellence at all times; no matter how great you are as a footballer you are reminded that you have come to the greatest club in the world.

7. Anfield

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Anfield gets its significance not for its size but for the sheer intensity of the environment. Anfield has been described as a notorious ground; one that is so difficult for away teams to play.

It is a wonder how much the 45,276 fans can raise their voices and shout like 200,000. Yes, this is one stadium one should visit, although it would be better not to visit as an away fan because of the disappointment.

Anfield was built in 1884, and has been one of the most iconic grounds in England. Liverpool have won 6 European titles; meaning that the  ground has seen more champion’s league victory parades than any other club in England, and even than most clubs in Europe.

8.  San Siro

Location: Milan, Italy

The San Siro Stadium is one of the most recognized stadiums in Europe; certainly the best known stadium in Italy. It is home to both AC Milan and Internazionale. A few years ago this was perhaps the most popular ground in Europe due to the exploits of AC Milan in the Champions League.

However, the stadium has a bit of its popularity with AC Milan losing its dominance on the continent. Nevertheless, the stadium is one of the most famous in Italy, and its games are very well attended.

This stadium has hosted World Cup Games, Champions League, Europa League games, and so on.

The stadium has the capacity to carry 80,018 people and is designed in such a manner so as to give maximum visibility regardless of where the spectator is seated.

9. The Maracanã

Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Maracanã is probably the most famous stadium in the world. One must understand that in Brazil football is more than a game; it is their cultural identity; just like martial arts to the Chinese.

The Maracana stadium has the capacity to hold 78,838 people; and it was built in 1948. This stadium is where the Brazilians come to watch their peculiar brand of football called jogo bonito.

The stadium has been the launch pad for so many football stars beyond counting; win the crowd at the Maracana and you can win any crowd in the world.

10.  Soccer City

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Soccer City is a work of architectural genius. It is designed like a calabash; which is why it is also called the Calabash. The stadium was opened in 1989 but was renovated ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The world will never forget the Vuvuzela, and the deafening roar of the crowd when Siphiwe Tshabalala opened the scoring in that world cup with a screamer against Mexico.

This ground has seen its own history such as the world cup mentioned, and the CAF Champions League games. It is very well attended during South African Premier League games as well.

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